This is Why the Aliens Won’t Talk to Us

Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, suffered through the worst cholera outbreak in recorded history, with more than 1 million cases reported in 2017 alone.

What is cholera? It is an infection better known as “diarrhea until you die.”

Why does it matter?

A military coalition formally led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, along with allies the United States and Britain, bombed a newly constructed cholera treatment center in Yemen on Monday, June 11.

To Americans, the carnage and destruction the US and its Gulf Monarchy allies are leveling against the poorest country in the Arab world is simply a non-issue.

On July 2, a year had passed since the MSNBC’s last segment mentioning US participation in the war on Yemen, which has killed in excess of 15,000 people and resulted in over a million cases of cholera. The US is backing a Saudi-led bombing campaign with intelligence, refueling, political cover, military hardware and, as of March, ground troops.


For a bit more context, in the time period of July 3, 2017, to July 3, 2018, MSNBC dedicated zero segments to the US’s war in Yemen, but 455 segments to Stormy Daniels. This isn’t to suggest the Stormy Daniels matter isn’t newsworthy; presidential corruption is per se important.

But one has to wonder if this particular thread of venality is 455 stories more important than Trump aggressively supporting a war that’s killing hundreds of people a month, injuring thousands, and subjecting millions to famine and cholera.

Did MSNBC editors, poring over the latest academic foreign policy literature, really come to the conclusion Trump’s war in Yemen isn’t important? Or is MSNBC simply fueled by partisan Russia dot-connecting and stories that allow them to say “porn star” as much as possible?

MSNBC found attacking Russia from the right on matters of foreign policy is the most elegant way to preserve its “progressive” image, while still serving traditional centers of power: namely, the Democratic Party establishment, corporate sponsors, and their own revolving door of ex-spook and military contractor-funded talking heads.

After all, Obama backed the war on Yemen—though not nearly as aggressively as Trump has—and it’s difficult to make a coherent left-wing, anti-war criticism when the current Republican in office is simply carrying out your guy’s policy, but on steroids.



In any event, it’s not like any Yemenis are going to pull ads, turn down appearances, or phone Comcast higher-ups complaining.

So, who cares? To be poor and brown—to say nothing of not serving the immediate partisan interests of the Democratic party—is evidently to not matter much in the eyes of MSNBC producers and on-air talent.

With the United Nations warning millions of civilians could die from violence or starvation from the ongoing military siege of the Yemeni port city of Hodeida, there is no other way to describe what is happening except as “genocide.”

The more than three-year war on Yemen waged by a Western-backed Saudi coalition has been genocidal from the outset, with up to eight million people facing imminent starvation due to the years-long blockade on the Arabian country, as well as from indiscriminate air strikes.

The latest offensive on the Red Sea city of Hodeida threatens to turn the world’s already worst humanitarian disaster into a mass extermination.

Hodeida is the entry point for 90 percent of all food and medical aid into Yemen. If the city’s port stops functioning from the military offensive – as UN aid agencies are warning – then an entire country population of more than 20 million will, as a result, be on the brink of death.


Want to know why we do not hear about the genocide in Yemen and how the United States and Saudi Arabia are responsible for this?

Because the Saudis buy more arms from America than any other country.

So we don’t talk about it.

Instead, we help them murder and pretend it doesn’t happen.

Osama bin Laden? Saudi.

The 9/11 hijackers? Saudi.

Wahabbi   الوهابية   ISIS Al Qaeda terrorists by any other name woulds still be Saudi.

We all know the terrorists are Saudi.


Saudis admit they are the terrorists.

And yet we sell guns and bombs to them. We dance a jig with them. The murderers.

Trump knows Saudi Arabia are the terrorists. He publicly says so.

Hillary Clinton knows the Saudis are the terrorists.


Hillary Clinton knowingly took somewhere between $10-$25,000,000 from these terrorists.

The United States knowingly partners with the Sunni Fundamentalist Muslim terrorists.

The US knowingly partners with Saudi Muslim terrorists in Syria.

Why do we know so little about the US war in Yemen?

“The missiles that kill us, American-made. The planes that kill us, American-made. The tanks … American-made. You are saying to me, where is America? America is the whole thing.”

Is anyone paying attention?

How can you explain this?

How can American citizens tolerate this?

Nevermind. Hey, did you see how high our ratings are?



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