How to Understand This Russian Hacking Thing

by O Society

This computer hacking “Whodunnit?” has consumed a great deal of everyone’s time over the last two years. It just won’t go away. Yet it is not really something for 99.9% of us to verify for ourselves. It’s simply above my pay grade to understand the technical issues and terminology involved in computer forensics.

I have to remind myself of this whenever the subject comes up: I ain’t no Spy vs. Spy


To pretend I do “get it” all and know something I don’t actually know is called hubris.

People usually do this sort of pretense to make themselves feel special.

Sort of like a lay person reading medical literature. Dangerous to form any conclusions based on what one reads if one don’t know what in the blasted blue Beelzebub one is talking about in the first place, because one has no professional medical training.

Unfortunately, this has become the American Way.

You know, get some sort of “hot take” on an article and run with it, sowing confusion and stupidity everywhere you skip with your basket of flowers.

Next thing you know, we all have cancer and coconut oil will cure us, but THEY won’t tell us because THEY don’t want us to know!


Have you been called a “Russian bot” online boys and girls? On Facebook or Twitter?

I have. When people do this, it turns the conversation into lowest common denominator gobblety gook. Playground. Sabotage. 

That said, I think I may understand the big picture of the DNC hack/ leak of the Podesta emails. The computers where these data are stored are physically located in Washington DC…


Looking at the forensics of these computers, there are “digital fingerprints.” We can get fingerprints naturally from a human being handling an object, and we also can get “faked” fingerprints added by someone other than this human to “frame” this person as a suspect. Planted evidence.

We know the US government has techniques to do this kind of evidence obfuscation. Papers leaked by Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks show us a way to do this in the specific case of the DNC hack/ leak and Russia:  Marble Framework.

Through software, such as Marble Framework, someone, such John Brennan at the CIA, has the capability of taking computer data, such as the Podesta emails, and faking Russian “digital fingerprints” on the metadata.

Regardless of whether or not the CIA did this using software such as Marble Framework on the Podesta email data (and we do not definitively know the answer to this question), we do have evidence presented by Forensicator such Russian digital finger prints were, indeed, planted by the (manufactured?) character known as Guccifer 2.

This trail of bread crumbs is intentional. It leads us to conclude…




At this point, we need smart people, such as Bob Woodward, who states his investigation uncovered No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion

At this point, we need smart people, such as Seymour Hersh, who states he has seen the reports, and ‘RussiaGate’ is a CIA-Planted Lie

At this point, we need smart people, such as William Binney, who  publicly demonstrated honesty and have experience, to break it down for us.

Binney, Snowden, Manning, Ellsberg, Assange these folks have told us the truth in the past at considerable danger to themselves for doing so. As in prison.

In the past, the government has created innumerable fusterclucks to make us more stoopider on purpose. It is dangerous to them for American citizens to learn the truth from whistleblowers, such as those named above. So the government is dishonest.

John Brennan hacked Senate computers and knowingly lied about it. Sound familiar?
Robert Mueller knowingly lied about the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Sound familiar?
That’s the job people such as John Brennan and Robert Mueller are hired to do. Never forget this. So we don’t trust them, we verify instead. We use Popper’s principle of falsifiablity.
Falsify the statements and observations which cannot be true. What’s left is as close to the truth as I am able to get. Learn to live with uncertainty. I ain’t no Spy vs. Spy…


William Binney developed NSA software for surveillance. Head of the department, big enchilada sort of work.

He says the NSA collects word-for-word all domestic communication. Just because they can…

WILLIAM BINNEY, former National Security Agency technical leader:

“Well, I wasn’t aware of specific targeting like Russ was. I just saw the inputs were including hundreds of millions of records of phone calls of US citizens every day. So it was virtually — there wasn’t anybody who wasn’t a part of this collection of information.
So, virtually, you could target anybody in this country you wanted.”
This is why we need people such as Julian Assange to tell us the truth. No one ever questions the authenticity of these Podesta emails. They are real.

Therefore, “Whodunnit?” is basically misdirection to keep us from focusing on their content. A misdirection (hey, look over there –> ) we see over and over from politicians when something incriminating is released is to question the provenance of the information. This means nobody says a word about their validity.

The bottom line is we know for certain the NSA has the capability to know whether the DNC information got to WikiLeaks through Russian hackers or through an internal leak, by a DNC person such as Seth Rich.

The NSA knew at the beginning of all of this drama “Who Did It.” Was it Russians or a DNC employee or someone else? The NSA knows, and we know they know, due to the work, courage, and honesty of people such as Bill Binney and Julian Assange. 

Craig Murray states he knows definitively with 100% certainty whence these Podesta emails came in an interview with Randy Credico:

Murry explains this again in an audio interview here with Scott Horton (press the play triangle for audio).

Experts including Binneyget together and watchdog the lies coming out of Brennan, Clapper, Mueller, Comey, etc.’s collective mouths. This is an example in which they parse whether the DNC data were leaked or hacked prior to being given to WikiLeaks: A Leak or a Hack? A Forum on the VIPS Memo

Moreover, VIPS says the data transfer speed is different when you use a USB thumbdrive physically standing right there in the DNC office in Washington DC than it is when you are trolling away in your remote  gulag hijacking facility in Moscow.

Binney and friends says the speed discrepancy falsifies the claim “Russian trolls did it.”

Does this discrepancy answer our question definitively?


Can this, by itself, falsify the “Russia dunnit!” story?

We know the NSA knows “Whodunnit?” The NSA would know if the DNC was hacked remotely from Russia, or from my house.

Where’s the beef?

And because the NSA does not disclose the information which gave them the  answer, we know the political theater is intentionally orchestrated to go on and on and on…


Russiagate is not meant to be “won” (e.g., by Trump going to prison for treason), it is meant to be continuous. A continuous distraction. Those who haven’t gotten this far down the trail of bread crumbs typically got stuck because The Apprentice: White House Edition overwhelmed them with their own confirmation bias.

What are the facts? Show me the money.  We’ve grown weary of emotional hot takes.

As this outstanding piece by Jackson Lears queries, What Do We Not Talk About When We Talk About Russian Hacking?

What are we not supposed to be paying attention to?

Maybe… we’re closer to blowing up the earth with nuclear weapons than any time since their invention?

Maybe… we’ve put the earth in an Easy Bake Oven and are waiting for the bell to ding?

Maybe… we suspect the James Bond villains who actually rigged the 2016 US Presidential election might – gasp! – be – uh oh! Americans?

Maybe… how these emails became public doesn’t matter because we should all be much more concerned about the content of these emails, of which, no one has challenged the veracity?

WikiLeaks gave us legit information, be it hacked or leaked. Everyone involved agrees.

Among it is the statement:  Saudi Arabia is funding ISIS.   We also know  Saudi Arabia is funding the Clintons. The Clinton Foundation records show Saudis sent them between $10,000,000 and $25,000,000. Who knows how many millions Saudis spent on 9/11, Osama bin Laden, ISIS, and the Taliban? The damn terrorists, folks? It’s them.

The Saudis are the damn terrorists! And Hillary Clinton knows it. And Hillary Clinton takes their money.

We need to get this straight: To hell with the provenance of the emails. We have proof Hillary Clinton knows Saudis fund ISIS and she knows the Saudis fund her.

The top two most important issues to American voters in the 2016 US presidential election were… wait for it… money and terrorism!

These “Russiagate” emails show Hillary Clinton is mixed up in both. You don’t think she’d want us to not notice this do you?

Not saying Russiagate is an intentional distraction from this sort of corruption, but Russiagate is an intentional distraction from this sort of corruption. 

The entire US government.  Not just the Democrats. Not just the Republicans. The all of them. The CIA made the Tora Bora caves Osama bin Laden used to film his videos in before he sent them out to terrorize the world. The United States has been aiding jihad Muslim terrorists for a long time.


The Saudis buy more US weapons than any other country. This entitles them to US troops helping them destroy Yemen and Iran and so on. This is worse than the weapons of mass destruction bait and switch under Bush. Make no mistake, Trump knows the Saudis are the source of the terrorists too.

Just look at ’em dance a jig. Sell ’em millions worth of weapons, then its time to dance the Hokey Pokey with terrorists.

Speaking of religious fundamentalists, in America’s speedy conversion to the Russiagate religion, what has been lost from our public discourse is not only critical thinking, it’s dissent. The silencing of dissent from the official government narrative we’re spoonfed has been replaced by magical thinking.

The general public does not seem to catch on details such as these are the heart of the matter, mainly because of the government propaganda campaign and mainstream media fog machine drama points elsewhere.

The salient evidence presented here, we’ve been taught to look away, haven’t we?

It takes a lot of work to sift through the bullshit and find trustworthy people .


Binney is one: Original NSA Whistleblower

Assange is one: Statement on the US Election

Trust these people. Not the alphabet soup people. Don’t make the same mistake twice.

Doesn’t feel good to take the word of someone else over that of your own government. Folks call you a “traitor” when you do that. That’s some bitter bile.  It’s also the realistic view given the information we have.


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