Want to Know Why Conservatives Will Side with Kavanaugh over the Women? Conservative Moral Hierarchy (10)

The Explanative Power of the Conservative Moral Hierarchy
by O Society Sept 28, 2018

It answers the question, “Are boys really better than girls?” It tells ahead of time (testimony and questioning basically are irrelevant to the outcome) why Conservatives will side with Kavanaugh over the women.

Kavanaugh is Supreme. It doesn’t make much difference how credible Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony is. And it’s very believable. She shouldn’t be challenging a man to start with, says the Conservative Moral Hierarchy. Just listen to the backflips and cartwheels Americans do to pretend Ford is a lunatic

Why? Because siding with the Conservative Moral Hierarchy is the right thing to do, even when it is factually wrong. Facts don’t matter. What matters is signalling your own virtue by publicly taking the side of the hierarchy. That’s what “being Conservative” means.

The Conservative Moral Hierarchy explains, for example, why someone can believe the Pope’s word on the issue of climate change, yet ignore the data actual climate scientists have collected on the issue for decades. In sum, the Conservative Moral Hierarchy explains the effectiveness of the appeal to authority over empirical evidence. Authority is derived from the hierarchy. If the Pope speaks for God, then the Pope’s word has more authority than all the scientists in the world combined.

The Conservative Moral Hierarchy explains why a black man, such as Barack Obama, or a female, such as Hillary Clinton, causes so much consternation amongst conservatives. The hierarchy says they are to be subordinate to white males. When they are not, the “natural order” of things is off.

It explains why wrapping Obama in Kenyan Muslim garb effectively turns him into the anti-Christ for millions of Americans. It highlights his “wrongness” in ways words such as “xenophobia” never could. So we play along with the gag. By the time someone admits it is bullshit mumbling under their breath, the damage has been done to our minds, and to our dignity.


Obama muslim copy


Why was Donald Trump elected? Well, the main reason is he’s a figurehead. Like the Queen of England. A placeholder. When he speaks, he always takes the side of the Conservative Moral Hierarchy.

Why do Trumpets love him no matter how many lies he tells? Donald Trump holds the upper position in every area of the CMH:

God? Ummm… Yes. I know. It’s crazy talk. Remember, this is a black and white attitude of right and wrong. No room for grey. Here’s how to make it fly:

Pretend God waves an American flag and shoots a pistol. Pretend it’s not Jesus, but rather the God of the Prosperity Gospel. Who does Donald Trump’s hair really remind you of? That’s right. A TV preacher. A televangelist, like this guy with the amazing hair. That’s how you make it fly.

Once you get past the God thing by substituting Mammon, the rest of the hierarchy is easy to understand and apply to today’s America. God loves Trump; you can tell because of all Trump’s money. Done.

Man over nature? Easy peasy. Trump says global warming is a Chinese hoax. See? He just demonstrated man’s dominion over nature, the way God told us to do in Genesis. Forget that Paris Treaty nonsense – we showed nature who’s boss, didn’t we?!? Done.



You can go down the hierarchy list this way for yourself. Yes, at times it takes mental gymnastics to justify Trump’s position at the top, but it is not only do-able, it’s already done for millions of Americans. Donald Trump demonstrably and aggressively asserts the dominant position in every one of these dichotomies.

Want to know the quickest way to see how it works with Trump? Change his position from dominant to subservient. See how quickly his power fades…

Take these identity politics traits from the hierarchy. Change them using Trump. Have some shits and giggles. Forget you are supposed to be politically correct.

Imagine Donald Trump as Apu, the clerk down at the QuickiMart.


(Header image: Donald Trump wanted Princess Diana to be his trophy wife. Imagine Trump with no trophy wife and no trophies.) 

This is part of a series which explores the Conservative Moral Hierarchy as elucidated by George Lakoff. Lakoff didn’t create this hierarchy, what he did is point out how this traditional structure explains American politics. We’ve spent so much time and effort on exploring the Conservative Moral Hierarchy because it has an enormous amount of explanatory power in today’s politics.

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10. The Explanative Power of the Conservative Moral Hierarchy


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