Kavanaugh and the Unitary Executive Theory

Ever wonder why Trump promotes Brett Kavanaugh?

Ever wonder why the identity politics of He Said v. She Said is played up so dramatically in this case?

Make no mistake, rape is a serious issue. Yet what’s going on with Kavanaugh’s confirmation is more circus than serious…

Why? What is the 91020 high school soap opera supposed to distract us from?

The identity politics. What’s going on under the table while they’re playing the identity politics card of MeToo? What do the powers that be want us to *not* notice?

Well, there’s the $3,000,000,000,000 Congress just gave their filthy rich patrons as a return on their investment in politicians in their latest tax scam while you weren’t looking.

What else?

Make no mistake, Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Roe v Wade unless one of his own prostitutes gets pregnant. This Supreme Court hearing isn’t about Kavanaugh’s position on abortion.

Think about it.

Trump’s dealings always are transactional. What does he get out of the Kavanaugh transaction? Promoting Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court gets Trump… what?

Kavanaugh is a faithfully devoted to the Unitary Executive Theory.

Urinary exe-wha-choo-tive? The hell is that?

Article II of the Constitution vests executive power solely with the president.

“The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.”

Plain English Translation: “That means he’s the main guy, and everyone else works for him and has to be accountable to him,” says John Harrison, professor at the University of Virginia School of Law.

In other words, when the shit hits the fan for Donald Trump, what better Supreme Court to have than one which advocates Trump IS the executive branch and can do whatever he wants?

“Because Article II of the Constitution vests executive power solely with the president, the president should have hiring and firing power over every agency within the branch.”

The strong Unitary Executive position got Dubya the ability to go blow up Iraq or anyone else in the world he wanted to. He just said magic words such as “terror!!!” or “national security!!!” and even Congress and the Courts just got out of his way.

Article II: “The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States.”

See where all of this is going?

Say Trump wants to fire Mueller and Rosenstein. Can he do it? It would throw a monkey wrench in the Russiagate investigation to do so…

Say Trump wants to start a war with Russia. Can he do it? It would certainly put the “Russiagate investigation” to an end if he did so…

These are serious questions.

Congress delegated its ability to declare war to the president.

Yes they did. It’s called the The Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists. It might even mean Trump can declare war on you or me or the State of California if he says we’re terrorists.

How did you think Obama was able to just start killing people in Libya and Yemen and wherever else?

Not only that, Congress voted to give the president huge increase in funds to buy war toys. Yes they did.

Congress voted to give the president vast spying powers over US citizens. Yes they did.

You didn’t really believe any of that Resistance stuff, did you? It’s fake.

Unlimited war powers. Unlimited surveillance powers. Buy some nuclear weapons. Trump can assassinate US citizens, spy on us, declare war on us, throw us in jail, whatever. Just call California a “TERRORIST STATE!!!” and off they go. Seriously.

Yes, Democrats gave Trump this kind of power.

Would our armed forces follow Trump’s orders if he declared war on California? I dunno, but he’s commander in chief and there’s a threat to secede from the union.

Would the police start throwing white women protesting Trump in jail? Damn right they would.

Would the national guard start shooting college students protesting Trump? Of course they would.

Which brings us back to Brett Kavanaugh. If the Courts try to reign in Trump, what would Brett Kavanaugh do?


You gotta admit, the guy’s a supreme douchebag.

I mean besides fall down and throw a shitfit apoplectic tantrum worthy of one the kids in Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? WWBKD?

“The president has grown more powerful over time because the Supreme Court hasn’t stepped in to constrain it. But if you have a president who does cross the line and it’s a blatant constitutional line, we want and need a Supreme Court that’s willing to police that president.

If we don’t have that, then the whole point of separation of powers has failed.” says Kimberly West-Faulcon, professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.

What would BK do? Wait for it…

Thus it was that in 2009, after Barack Obama won the presidency, he wrote presidents should be immune from criminal investigations and prosecutions, as well as personal civil suits, until after leaving office.

“I believe it vital that the president be able to focus on his never-ending tasks with as few distractions as possible.” Brett Kavanaugh

That’s exactly what Donald Trump gets out of this.

If Trump wants to pardon himself or his cronies, then his pardons work at the federal level. But not at the state level. So there’s also the Gamble v US dual-sovereignty loophole Kavanaugh will be expected to help Trump with as well in return for his appointment.

Brett Kavanaugh’s record as a judge shows “reverence for authoritarian war powers, protecting government corruption and violence, and denying justice to citizens and noncitizens alike.”

9/11 war criminals, corporate malfeasance, unconstrained growth of the police state… it’s all there.

“Kavanaugh has repeatedly ruled against efforts to combat climate change and the regulation of greenhouse gases. He also repeatedly ruled against protections for clean air.

He has repeatedly sided with the wealthy and the powerful over all Americans. He has fought consumer protections in the areas of automobile safety, financial services, and a free and open internet. Kavanaugh also has repeatedly ruled against workers, workplace protections and safety regulations.”

“Of the 101 split-decision cases involving Kavanaugh, Public Citizen analyzed his decisions and opinions in five areas: consumer and regulatory issues and administrative law, environmental protection, worker rights, claims alleging police or human rights abuses, and antitrust. The report found Kavanaugh overwhelmingly reached conclusions favorable to business interests and opposed to consumers, workers, environmental protections and victims of human rights abuses.”

Brett Kavanaugh is a favorite of the Federalist Society for a reason. They pimp his nomination to get their agenda accomplished, buying favoritism for the oligarchs who fund Federalist Society.

“Brett Kavanaugh was central to all policy decisions in the Bush White House.” says  Karl Rove

Brett Kavanaugh was one of the attorneys for Dubya’s legal battle to hijack the 2000 election in Florida, in which he lost the popular vote.

Amnesty International takes no position on the appointment of particular individuals to government positions, unless they are reasonably suspected of crimes under international law and could use their appointment to the position in question to either prevent accountability for these crimes or to continue perpetration.

At the same time, the organization calls on governments to thoroughly vet candidates in regard to any human rights concerns arising from their prior conduct.

Amnesty International believes that the vetting of Brett Kavanaugh’s record on human rights has been insufficient and calls for the vote on his nomination for Supreme Court of the United States to be further postponed unless and until any information relevant to Kavanaugh’s possible involvement in human rights violations—including in relation to the U.S. government’s use of torture and other forms of ill-treatment, such as during the CIA detention program—is declassified and made public.

Amnesty International has long called for declassification of any documents or other materials depicting or describing enforced disappearance, torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or other human rights violations, including acts of abduction and rendition, by US ornon-US personnel after the attacks in the USA on September 11, 2001.

According to his biography, Brett Kavanaugh “served for more than five years in the White House for President George W. Bush. From July 2003 until May 2006, he was Assistant to the President and Staff Secretary to the President.”

Brett Kavanaugh ruled the NSA’s ubiquitous collection of data on American citizens serves “national security” and outweighs American citizens’ Fourth Amendment Constitutional Right to privacy.

Bush started the 9/11 Big Brother spying program, Obama enlarged it, and Kavanaugh is going to help Trump blow it up even bigger.

Why would Senators cover up the Kavanaugh issues by witholding 100,000 pages of documentation on his political/ legal positions, opinions, and attitudes?

“What we do know is Kavanaugh’s former Deputy, Bill Burck, has asserted a blanket claim of privilege on over 100,000 pages of documents, including those about Kavanaugh’s work on Bush judicial candidates.

We are unaware of any previous time where executive privilege has been used to block the release of documents to the Senate during a Supreme Court nomination.

It would be unprecedented and unwise for the Senate to act on the nomination without reviewing the full record.”

So don’t feel sorry for Kavanaugh. He’s no school boy.

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