The Real Danger of Russiagate Always has been the Martyrdom of Trump

by O Society October 20, 2018

Mueller Report Public Service Announcement: Prepare for Disappointment

The real danger of Russiagate is there is no collusion. Remember how it started. This is the first the public heard of Russian election meddling on behalf of Trump. Hillary Clinton alerted us to it. Here is her own Public Service Announcement, just weeks prior to the election.


When Mueller’s report shows no evidence of Trump <–> Putin collusion, the problem is going to go way beyond cyberhacking and spying and blaming all our problems on Russa. The entire investigation is going to be viewed as a witchunt.

Operation “Get Trump” has failed. And when it fails, what I have feared most from the beginning is going to come to pass. Not only will Trump not be impeached – we have been told over and over impeachment would deliver us from evil – no, not only will Trump not be impeached, he’ll be re-elected.

Donald Trump will win in 2020. He’ll be martyred behind this two-year-long character assassination called Russiagate. And Hillary Clinton will be at fault. She’ll have gotten Trump elected twice.

Oh yes, Trump has no character to assassinate. Just because you are a character doesn’t mean you have any character. This is irrelevant.

Remember his people – the Trumpets – live vicariously through Donald Trump. He was elected on resentment and schadenfreude. Mi casa es su casa. Mi hatred es su hatred.


And so it will be Trump’s martyrdom on the cross of Russiagate assures him victory in 2020. We have Hillary Clinton and the great fake Putin persecution to thank for this.

Think I’m wrong? I’ve been saying this every day for two years, but you still think I am wrong, don’t you? Consider this:

Take the latest Top Presidents of All Time list, which you can see here. Nothing special about this particular edition. Feel free to agree or disagree with any of the rankings. That’s not the point. We are using this list to illustrate the point: Martyrs go to the top of the list.

Mmm hmm. These names and stories will be familiar…

15. Bill Clinton: martyred by the Monica Lewinsky impeachment

12. Barack Obama: first black president died every day anew for your racism

9. Ronald Reagan: literally took a bullet for America and lived

8. John F Kennedy: literally took a bullet for America and died

1. Abraham Lincoln: assassinated

You see the trend? They’re martyrs.

They all took one for the team. The highest honor there is belongs to those who took one for the team.

In other words, these may or may not be your favorite presidents of all time in terms of their achievements in office. That is irrelevant. What is relevant is America loves martyrs. All five of these presidents are put upon pedestals due to their martyrdom. All five are higher on this list than they would be without their martyrdom.

Is Bill Clinton really the 15th best president of all time? I say Clinton’s triangulation ruined the Democratic party. This is his real legacy.

But Democrats choose to remember his martyrdom at the hands of Newt Gingrich instead. That’s America! Good Ole Slick Willie. He’s basically the same guy as Donald Trump, except he has a vocabulary.


Is Ronald Reagan really the 9th best president of all time? I say Reagan’s trickle down neoliberal economics destroyed America. Reagan destroyed the middle class, and also engineered a coup against president Jimmy Carter, selling Iranians guns for hostages.

But who cares? There’s jelly beans in the bowl and John Hinckley to remember.

So be aware, Hillary Clinton just handed her “Putin puppet” a get out of jail free card for life.

Trump University fraud? Meh.

Trump family tax fraud for generations? Nobody cares.

Pee tapes? Rain off a duck’s back.

You see, Trump has been wrongly persecuted for the first two years of his administration.

Let me clarify: Trump is an idiot, a self-centered solipsist without one ounce of moral understanding in his twisted tiny charcoal heart. A monkey with a hand grenade. Crazy as bat guano. Nepotism, Cronyism, Fraud. It’s all there.

Trump is the orange brick resentful Americans threw through the White House window. Nothing more.

But he didn’t rig the 2016 US presidential election by colluding with Russia.

And this fact alone will be enough to get him re-elected in 2020. Because it’s what Dumb and Dumber chose to pin on him. Barring some sort of economic disaster (a stock market crash, mortgage crisis, etc) on his watch, Trump’s in like Flynn. Again.


And so, Trump will be bulletproof for ever more. No matter what is levied against him, he and his followers will respond rabidly “But Russia!!!”

Catch Trump with his hands in the cookie jar, on film, with a signed confession, and chocolate smeared from one corner of his grin to the other, and you know what they’ll say?

“But Putin!!! Whatabout Putin?!? It’s all fake news!”

Nothing will stick to Donald Trump again, ever.

This is what Hillary Clinton and Russiagate hath wrought.






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