BOO, Darlings!

Happy Halloween every body! You will notice today we indulge in some Día de Muertos style images to go with the articles to be ah… festive!

If you are new to O Society, the deal is we got tired of the short-attention-span news cycle, drive-by hot takes, and emotional chain jerks. Bored with the trolling and being treated as if we have the mental capacity of a school of tadpoles. Polywogs. Amphibians.


Although the term “political science” is probably an oxymoron, here we try to take some of the “moron” out and ponder our collective political situation in a more thoughtful way. We all have to live together, so how can we do this without the constant conflict?

The term “Open Society” comes from a book by Karl Popper, which you can read here. Highly recommended reading. His basic view is anti-authoritarian.

We aren’t a “liberal” or “conservative” place, which throws some folks off. Neither Rs or Ds represent us, because basically these are our political views:

O Society is against authoritarianism. As in mind your own business.

O Society is against violence, murder, and war. As in keep your hands to yourself.

O Society is against the economic exploitation of human beings and things in general. Learn to share, kids.

That’s about it. We don’t like it if you kill people and destroy the planet we live on. So don’t.

Nuclear war. Global warming. Poverty. These things are bad.

Many of the articles posted here are cultivated from other sources, mainly because there are lots of people in the world smarter and more informed about this political stuff than I am. Maybe I should shut up and learn something…

There also are original essays with art, science, philosophy, and religion thrown in the mix to help see things with a different pair of cheap sunglasses.

And we try to laugh at ourselves and others. We are all hypocrites.


For more info:

What is the Open Society?

About O Society

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