Melania Trump: Children should be off limits (Echochamber Friday)

Welcome to Echochamber Friday, when we intentionally read stories we wouldn’t usually look at so we don’t become frogs in a well.

Today, we hear Momma Bear say, “Stay the hell away from my man cub!”

And she’s absolutely correct. Leave Barron alone.

No matter what you think of Donald (he’s batshit crazy) and Melania (she’s a gold digger) we gotta leave the kids out of it.

Yes, I know the internet is a mean place with tough hombres or whatever. Have some class. If you don’t have any class, pretend like you do long enough to walk away from the keyboard. Leave the kid alone.

Yes, he’s autistic. So what? Many kids are. How you treat someone like Barron Trump says a hella lot more about who you are as a person than it does Barron.

Pick on the adults. They deserve it.

(video of her interview with Hannity on Fox News is below)

~ O Society

Daily Mail Dec 14, 2018

‘Children should be off limits’: Melania accuses the media of attacking her son Barron, 12, and says she trying to ‘protect him’ and give him a ‘life as normal as possible’ in the White House


  • Melania Trump’s second-part interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity aired Thursday night where she talked about her young son’s new life in Washington
  • She says she’s infuriated with the media attacks on her 12-year-old son Barron who she calls a ‘fighter’ with a ‘soft heart’
  • She said: ‘It makes me angry because children should be off limits. I want to give him a life as normal as possible’
  • When asked if she agrees with Donald Trump’s policies she said:  ‘Some of them I agree on, some I don’t. I give him my opinion. He’s the president’
  • She announced that she believes in the U.S.-Mexico border wall ‘for protection’ 
  • She also opened up on moving away from her native Slovenia in her teenage years to pursue her modeling career  
  • Her interview was aired the same day a poll revealed her favorability ratings plummeted 11 per cent over the past two months  

Melania Trump opened up on the difficulties of raising her 12-year-old son Barron in the unrelenting harsh spotlight in a second interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity aired Thursday night.


The First Lady revealed she’s infuriated with the media attacks on her young son, who she describes as a ‘fighter’ and she tries to give him a life as ‘normal as possible’.

‘It does make me angry because children should be off limits. I protect him and I want to give him a life as normal as possible,’ the fiercely private Melania said.

‘This is not a normal life. But I like to give him a normal life and protect him and give him the life that he deserves,’ she added during the interview aboard the USS George H.W. Bush at Joint Base Langley in Hampton, Virginia.

Despite the pressure of the press, she said that Barron is enjoying his new life on Capitol Hill.

‘He’s very happy, he’s strong, he’s tough. He’s enjoying life in Washington,’ Melania said.

Hannity asked who Barron takes more after, his fighter father or his model mother.

With a smile the First Lady said: ‘He has both qualities. He has a soft, beautiful heart but he’s a fighter, too. He’s very strong.’

Although Barron is rarely seen out with his parents, the soccer-loving boy made headlines this week for inviting English soccer player Wayne Rooney to the White House along with his wife Coleen and their four sons.

Hannity switched gears to implore the First Lady on how she feels about her husband’s hot-button issues of foreign policy, border security and employment.

She revealed that she disagrees with Donald Trump at times – but stands by him nonetheless.

‘With policies, some of them I agree on, some I don’t. I give him my opinion. He’s the president. He was elected,’ she humbly said.

But she agrees with Trump on his controversial wall at the U.S.-Mexico border.

‘I think we need the wall to protect the country. For security, to protect [the country] from the drugs. Of course, we know we will always have people coming over. But this is one solution that we could stop big caravans coming over,’ she said.

Melania herself got to visit the border in June where she witnessed the migrant crisis for herself.

‘I was at the border and saw first hand what they do 24-7. And their hands are full,’ she said firmly.

On the controversial #MeToo movement, Melania said that she believes in the movement sweeping Hollywood and politics – but she also believes in due process.

‘I think we should all be heard, women and men. We need to be heard and we need to be treated equal,’ she said.

She noticeably avoided mentioning her husband Donald Trump, who himself has been accused of sexual assault by a strong of women.


Hannity brought up the high-profile case of Judge Brett Kavanaugh who was accused of sexual assault by multiple women which triggered the public to cry out ‘I believe’ in solidarity with his alleged victims.

You can believe until proven guilty. You cannot be guilty until proven guilty. That’s why very important that we follow the law,’ Melania said.

Hannity then offered Melania the floor to talk about what issues are important to her.

‘I have three pillars. Well-being of children, the opioid crisis and social media use. So I travel the country, meet with people, meet with parents. I want to shine a spotlight on the organization and program that support children and want to be the best for them to grow up in a responsible adult,’ she said.

Going deeper, Hannity touched on her roots growing up in Slovenia then jump-starting her modeling career at the age of 16.

‘I studied design and architecture. But I wanted to go in modelling business and professional career as a model. So I moved to Milan and Paris,’ she said.

And she moved to Italy and France all on her own. Hannity noted on her early career saying: ‘So you were alone. You grew up fast.’

‘You look back, your journey from Paris, Milan and New York, does that make you the person that says is a confident and a good friend and true to herself?’ the Fox host asked.

‘Yes. My journey made me that,’ she replied with a smile and a nod.

Her interview was aired the same day her favorability numbers fell 11 per cent over the past two months, according to a CNN poll, leaving her with a 43 per cent approval rating.

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