Trump’s Demagoguery Goes Off the Rails

It may seem oxymoronic, but Donald Trump is living proof a lunatic can think big.

by Finian Cunningham Strategic Culture Feb 20, 2019

Not content with “only” threatening regime change in Venezuela, the American “leader” is expanding his mission to rid the Western hemisphere of socialism, with Cuba and Nicaragua next in line for US “salvation.”

In a particularly unhinged speech last weekend at a fascist creep rally in Miami, Florida, Trump declared Venezuelan President Nicolas Madura a “Cuban puppet” and “failed dictator.” Trump denounced socialism with a verve not heard from a US president since the depth of the Cold War more than 30 years ago.

“In Venezuela, and across the Western hemisphere, socialism is dying and liberty, prosperity and democracy are being reborn,” said Trump inferring the “Troika of Tyranny” his national security advisor John Bolton – another lunatic – “cleverly” coined to describe Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.

The Miami Herald reported Trump’s speech as a “harbinger” for regime change in the three Latin American countries.

Trump’s claim of “democracy being reborn” is a bit hard to take at a time when he simultaneously declares state-of-emergency powers at home to push through his faltering border wall “vanity project.” Dozens of US states are suing Trump now for “presidential over-reach of executive powers.” Constitutional scholars warn of an incipient outright shift into fascism gear under Trump.

Il Doche.jpg

For Trump to then proclaim he is spearheading “freedom and liberty” for the entire Western hemisphere is a foreboding sign his megalomania is spectacularly out of control at the moment.

The prospects of the US military fighting a war in Venezuela, let alone Cuba and Nicaragua as well, are in the realms of fantasy. With this so-called “Commander-in-Chief,” the fantasy is entertained nonetheless.

In his Miami speech, he delivered a mafia-like ultimatum to the Venezuelan military: Either it supports the US-anointed minor opposition figure Juan Guaido, a third lunatic who declared himself “acting president” of Venezuela almost a month ago, or their armed forces face obliteration, says Trump.


With the tone of an organized crime boss, Trump warned Venezuela’s defense forces are “risking their lives” by supporting the “failed dictatorship” of “former” President Maduro. “If you choose this path, you will find no safe harbor, no easy exit and no way out. You will lose everything,” added Trump. Then he kissed Fredo.

In response, President Maduro slammed Trump for his “Nazi-like speech” and for daring to threaten his country’s military with annihilation if it does not submit.

The criminality of the occupant in the American White House is astounding. The brazen threat of aggression against another nation – as well as implicitly against Cuba and Nicaragua – is on par with the fascism of the 1930s leading up to World War II.

The US military flew cargo planes to Colombia and Brazil purportedly laden with food aid for Venezuela as a flagrant cover for mounting an armed incursion. In close coordination with the CIA-groomed opposition figure Juan Guaido, Trump dictated a deadline of this weekend for the aid supplies to be allowed entrance into Venezuela.

President Maduro refused to permit the US material into his country. Venezuela’s armed forces resolutely support the government in Caracas, and therefore, can be counted on to block attempts to force the US aid across the borders from Colombia and Brazil. The impasse may, however, provide pretext for US military intervention.

The impending crisis whipped up by Trump with Venezuela seems insane because it is. The South American country may be in economic turmoil, but it is hardly a humanitarian catastrophe meriting such manufactured drama. The turmoil is largely instigated by Washington slapping sanctions and asset freezes on Venezuela’s lifeline oil economy. If the US were to lift its illegal sanctions on the country, then ironically much of its chaos would subside.


For the Trump administration to declare a minor opposition figure as the “recognized president” of Venezuela is an audacious violation of international law and norms. Shamefully, several European states have sought to legitimize Washington’s subversion in Venezuela.

Of course, subverting the socialist government of Nicolas Maduro points at the all-important prize of allowing US capital to get its hands on Venezuela’s colossal oil wealth.


Another motive is to eradicate any “threat of good example” in Uncle Sam’s presumed backyard. If Venezuela can be subjugated, then the Trump administration has Nicaragua and Cuba next in its cross-hairs for regime change. There is also the benefit of suppressing any political opposition domestically within the US, with a campaign against socialism in the Western hemisphere used to smear emerging socialists at home.

Still another motive for Trump is to desperately find a patriotic purpose with which to mobilize his support base. Despite his blustering campaign promises, Trump has delivered very little to his voters over the past two years. With his 2020 re-election bid in sight, Trump’s faltering border wall project is perhaps the most embarrassing failure. Not able to deliver on his “vanity project”, Trump is casting around for an alternative cause célèbre.

“Fighting socialism” in Venezuela and elsewhere in the Western hemisphere is Trump’s next star-turn. But how absurd can it get? Trump is presenting himself as more messianic than Cold War hawks in Washington during past decades when they could at least plausibly invoke Soviet expansionism as a propaganda threat.

Trump’s lunatic demagoguery is going big – off the rails.

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