Ilhan Omar Speaks Truth to Empire

by Tim Duff Tonka Bay, Minnesota O Society Feb 21, 2019

The American people are very much like the children of a mafia boss, who don’t want to know what their father does for a living, but then wonder why the firebombs of injustice are being thrown through the window of their living-room. What a primitive underbelly we have in this supposed patriotic rational society. Americans living behind the mask of their countries “good intentions” for so long, our faces grew into the mask.

The domestic political fantasy life of the last eighteen years finds us in an unnerving time loop of our own making in this country. History seems to be running in reverse, and knowledge is not seen as a public good, but as something suspect, dubious, or even ungodly, as it was for example in Italy in 1633, when the church put Galileo on trial for his heretical view that the earth was in orbit around the sun.

These past years have produced a prison house of the mind, insidiously endeavoring to promote a fleeting fraudulent terrorist phantom and the darkness of ego. It produced a degradation of the thinking mind, all of it in fear of what it knows. Our society has mentally transported the rank and file back into the darkness of tribal war and shrieking, far from the tolerance that came with American religious freedom and the liberty of our conscience.

Ilhan Omar’s comments about Israel and AIPAC and her criticism of Elliot Abrams stand in poignant isolation. They stand as oasis islands of truth, in an ocean full of lies and disinformation. They stand in sharp contrast to the neoconservative Project for a New American Century (PNAC) influence in Washington, which pretends to unite U. S. and Israeli ideals around the grandiose project of bringing democracy to the world by getting rid of “dictators” who just happen to be supporters of the Palestinian cause.

Veteran neocon Richard Perle’s 1996 report for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, entitled “A Clean Break,” which had the eager support of Elliot Abrams, called for getting rid of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, as the first in a series of regime changes that would eliminate Israel’s perceived main enemies in the Middle East.

Ilhan herself, is a refuge from Somalia, a country subjected to decolonization since 1960 by the British and the United States. The multiple forces and pressures causing a country the size of Somalia to implode and atrophy was the veritable explosion of small arms in the region brokered by the U.S. through Israel, which produced militias and brought about militarized lawlessness. The situation might have been different if the UK and US had shown any concern for the plight of ordinary Somalis and made any effort to stop the continuous flow of weapons into the country.

The rich Israeli lobby, AIPAC, and individual donors like billionaires Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson managed to buy Donald Trump and virtually the entire Congress, thanks in part to all-expenses paid trips to Israel and campaign contributions, especially the tacit threat to provide generous financing to the campaign of your opponent, if you get out of line. Israel receives between 4-5 billion dollars per year to buy US made weapons.

Most recently, the immoral activities of AIPAC and the Israeli lobby have been exposed in their craven effort to silence college students who are demanding the rights for Palestinians by organizing and protesting in the BDS Movement, Boycott, Disinvestment and  Sanction campaign.

Ilhan Omar is the personification of the gradual osmosis of truth  beginning to seep through the cracks of the propaganda system. A country at the end of empire misuses its military power and can only destroy. It cannot build.

The truth Ilhan puts before us is the problem of the corruption of human intelligence, which enables our supposed leaders to create plausible reasons for monstrous acts, to exhort citizens to accept those reasons and to train soldiers to follow orders.

We all must realize the fabrication of the war on terror became the war against the liberties of Americans. We must thank Ilhan Omar for standing up and making a difference, and her not sitting down in order to fit in.

How Ilhan Omar Nailed Elliot Abrams for Iran Contra Lie


6 thoughts on “Ilhan Omar Speaks Truth to Empire

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Especially for the assertion that many Westerners have known
    that we have been living at the expense of much of the rest of the world. But living a lie is tiring. I think we are tired of it.


  2. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is a true American Patriot, speaking truth to power. We are a country of immigrants and those who do not realize and honor this are less than true Americans.


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