What are my beliefs?

by O Society May 13, 2019

This is a political conversation I have over and over. Perhaps we can have it here too. I am often accused of what’s called a “false equivalence” when I refuse to support either the Clinton clan or the Trump family grifters.

False equivalence meaning the argument made against my view is I say these two groups are equal, they are the same, there is no difference between the two, and I am wrong about this.

However, I do not say the two parties – Republicans and Democrats – are exactly the same. What I say is together the two parties constitute a duopoly, which effectively acts as a monopoly by excluding any and all ideas from the left side of the political spectrum. By this I mean socio-economic class. Social status. Money. Financial inequality.


This is left-wing politics. Looking out for regular people’s social and financial well being. You can call us commoners, vassals, citizens, whatever. We are the People.

On the other hand, doing the aristocrats’ bidding, by definition, is right-wing politics.

Yes it is. The terms come from the French Revolution. The king’s supporters, – supporters of the monarchy – sat on the king’s right. Here he is now.


Louis XVI

The Revolutionaries – those representing the common people – sat on the king’s left.

This is where the terms “right-” and “left-wing” come from. Read all about it.

Let them eat cake. Robespierre. Jacobins. Guillotines. Napoleon. Sound familiar?


Joan’s heard of it…

Both Republicans and Democrats are representatives of the Business Party. While we don’t have a monarchy in the US, we do have an aristocracy. These businesses are owned by the aristocracy. What are the Bush family, the Clinton family, the Trump family if not royal families? Hmm…

Therefore, both the Republican and Democratic parties as currently constituted in America are right-wing parties.


Yes, they are. Stop tripping.

To make the math simple, none of these politicians represent the interests of the 99%, because they all represent the interests of the 1%. That’s who pays the bills. Campaign contributions. Millionaires and billionaires and corporations are the president’s and congressman’s constituency, whose interests the politicians represent.

Not only are both American political parties right-wing parties as currently constituted, both have been so at least since the time of 1980 and Ronald Reagan. Bill Clinton wants to be Ronald Reagan just as much as Donald Trump does. They’re all right-wing aristocrats now, aren’t they?

Reagan-o-mics was good times… is good times, good buddy!


Hence, both parties cater to the whims of themselves and their financial patrons, the ultra-rich oligarchy, which if you are reading this essay now means “not you and me.” We’re commoners.


In a nutshell, all the politicians in my lifetime have been looking out for someone else’s interests. Certainly not mine. Therefore, I feel no loyalty to them. None. Zero.

The voter registration card. Mine says “Independent.” I have never registered as a Democrat or Republican in my life, though I have voted. Often I vote for third party candidates and fictional characters…Reagan-TrumpYes, there are differences in in the two parties regarding racism, homosexuality, feminism, etc. You are correct. These issues are what I call identity politics or the culture war. I stay out of those mostly.

Because I am interested in murder and money. However, neither party represents my views on murder and money.

My views are two:

There is no way to justify the handful of rich people – the oligarchs, plutocrats, 1%, whatever – owning everything. Neoliberal economics doesn’t work. Call it trickle down, call it free market fundamentalism, call it corporate fascism,  privatization, global capitalism, or inverted totalitarianism.


I don’t care what the label is for it. Call it a “right wing” view or something else if you like. The point is both Republican and Democratic parties are for it.

Margaret Thatcher and Ronnie Reagan convinced everyone there is no alternative (TINA) back in the ’80s. They were wrong. TINA is wrong. TINA gave us the Anthropocene. I’m against both Republicans and Democrats for this reason.

View #1: I am against neoliberal economics.

I’m not a socialist, nor am I a capitalist. The best way seems to be a mixture of both public and private ownership and distribution of goods and services.

Public libraries and banks and schools and roads and fire departments. Private property and homes and businesses. A mixture of public and private.

Maybe something better will come along, but we know the state owning everything and a private monopoly owning everything functionally-speaking give the same result: totalitarianism.

View #2: I am against neoconservative foreign policy.

Both Democrats and Republicans represent what Dwight Eisenhower called the “military industrial complex.”

In plain English, this means America is in the killing business. We call it fancy names, such as American Exceptionalism, Manifest Destiny, Divine Right of Kings, Pax Americana, White Man’s Burden, Requerimiento, and so on.

These “moral philosophies” all boil down to the same thing: Americans believe we are better than everyone else. Everyone in the world has to have OUR culture to guide them, else they will be lost. Actually, we’re doing them a favor by killing them and controlling everyone who’s not Americanized yet.

Because God said so. White is better. Capitalist is better. Christian is better. If only the world were one giant Caucasian Christian Corporation, it would be Utopia! CCC! Because God said so. Buy the world a Coke. So says your TV evangelist leader!

I am against this foreign policy.

Both Republicans and Democrats support killing and control as our big business. Both parties espouse neoconservative agenda. It is a hierarchy of American global hegemony rooted in our collective narcissism. This manifests and the military-industrial-surveillance-incarceration-finance complex we all feed with enough loot to wallpaper Versailles and the Pentagon. Both.

Therefore, because both parties are #1 committed to neoliberal economics, and both parties are committed to spreading this neoliberal culture of greed through war profiteering and violence, what we call #2 neoconservative foreign policy, I am against both parties.

In sum, my view dissolves the false equivalency claim. The lesser of two evils is still evil.


Where are the good people? Get the evil people out. I don’t care if they are red evil people or blue evil people. Time to get them all out and start again.

Moreover, my view exposes mainstream American political views as a self-fulfilling prophesy of false dichotomy.

“False Dichotomy: This is where you say that there are only two choices, when actually there are more. For instance, you might say that someone is either alive, or they’re dead, ignoring the fact that they might be Dracula. Or you might say that if someone’s not a Democrat, they must be some sort of Republican, ignoring the very real possibility that they could be Dracula.”

Lore Sjöberg, Alt Text episode 5, “Logical Fallacies”

Unless we change, we – and here the royal “We” means America collectively as an aggregate, as a culture, as a society, as a country – are going to ruin the planet Earth for all living beings, including US.

WE got nowhere else to go. We are uniquely adapted to exploiting Earth and its environment. We’re Earthlings. Including the reptiles in their human suits.

And even if we did have some place to go, it’s still US who would be going, which means we’ll ruin everything and kill all the living beings wherever we might go, in all of space and time.

Wherever we go, here we are.

I cannot sign off on this American Carnage and Idiocracy, Inc and neither should you.

We must change. Own it. WE. Not them. US.

My view is authority must justify itself. It isn’t automatic.

View #3: I am against authoritarianism. Question political authority; it must justify itself at all times.

So I lied, here are 3 views instead of 2. The foundation remains the same.

The Repocrats and Demublicans are not entitled to rule. These two parties weren’t even around when our country ’tis of thee was founded. No one ever said there can only be two parties because it’s a nonsense assumption.

Theoretically, We the People consent to the leadership of elected politicians voluntarily through a social contract, which means we can and should ask questions and expect results.

Applied in practice, if politicians have no good answers, no real answers, no practical authentic answers, then their authority over me and you is bogus. It is no longer justified. We can protest, root, and revolt.

Yes, we can. It’s called the American Revolution. Look it up.

I believe we have reached this point.

The authority of the Republican and Democratic parties is not justifiable because they kill people and ruin our planet.

I am not for killing people, nor for putting trees in a tree museum, charging people a dollar and a half to see ’em.

How ’bout you?

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