Conspicuous presumption: Blatant hypocrisy is a status symbol in the Conservative Moral Hierarchy

by Jeremy Sherman edited by O Society May 29, 2019

The king has everything; the peasants have nothing. He eats 15 course meals while the peasants starve. Rebels yell and the king laughs, ignoring or suppressing them effortlessly.

Mitch McConnell announces that he’d seat a replacement Supreme Court justice in 2020 after refusing to even consider Merrick Garland in 2015.

Moses finds the Israelites worshiping the golden calf.


If you’re only outraged by such injustice you’re missing the point and enabling the effect. The more politically correct you are, the more offended you feel, and the worse it gets for you.

Blatant hypocrisy isn’t just a moral outrage, it’s a status symbol. No less so than driving a fleet of Ferraris, having a trophy wife and many mistresses, or owning multiple mansions.

There’s conspicuous consumption; there’s also conspicuous presumption. Donald Trump thrives on both. The nation is divided between those of us who are outraged by the hypocrisy and those who are impressed by it.

Trump always is greater than


Trump using Stormy Daniels for prostitution with a pregnant Melania at home doesn’t dismay pseudo-Christians. It’s proof he was chosen by God. The rules of lowly humankind do not apply to such superior beings.

“How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while there is still a beam in your own eye? You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

~ Matthew 7:4-5 

When you’re powerful you can get away with things. When you get away with things you impress people with your status.

If we’re meant to be equals, hypocrisy is simply unfair and outrageous. But if they’re meant to be exceptions, ostentatious hypocrisy proves that they are. Equals can jockey for power by exercising as much hypocrisy as they can get away with.


The more outraged we are at what the Trump cult does, the more it proves that we’re the peasants and they’re the royalty. Hypocrisy is their status symbol.

Trump gets away with it, which shows he’s favored by God because of his piles of money. That’s prosperity gospel. And it makes Trumpets God’s chosen people. Most importantly, it means you’re not.

The problem is not that the ends justify the means. To say the Trumpet cult has ends in mind is to give them too much credit. For this cult as for any cult, ends are just more means. They’ll give lip service to whatever ends sound lofty. They’ll dress up their movement in whatever mission gains Trump status.

No, their pursuit of absolute WINNING!!! justifies any means necessary to gain it.

If gaining social status is your sole priority, you’re not just willing to cheat to get it, you’ll want to cheat at every opportunity. Cheating and getting away with it proves you’re exceptional, exempt, to be idolized as superior to all others.

Hypocrisy becomes a badge of honor. The more enraged the peasants are by your hypocrisy, the more exceptional you will appear. That’s why Trump cultists are embrace anything so long as it infuriates liberals, the dirtier the trick the better. Every injustice to us is proof that their conspicuous presumption is working.

Donald Trumps God

Donald Trumps God

Our cold civil war is being fought between two factions, those seeking to maintain what made our nation seem an exception and those who will do anything to prove that they’re exceptions, the cultural descendants of those who didn’t just own slaves but exploited them as status symbols.

Coming up with excuses for bedding and beating slaves was easy and worth it. They didn’t need good excuses; the more lame the excuse, the more it proved they didn’t need excuses because they were born superior. They reveled in their ostentatious hypocrisy like kings entitled to do anything at the expense of their fellow humans.

The Trumpet cult vies for a parasite paradise in which they get to exploit others not just because it makes their lives easier, but because it proves their lives are worth more than ours. It makes them better than you.

If we’re simply outraged at the injustice, then we’re suppressible peasants. It’s high time we exposed conspicuous presumption is means to their sole goal, feigned absolute omnipotence. Trump is willing to see America and the world destroyed so long as he’s on top of the status symbol pile as it goes down in flames.

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