Neoliberal Forever!

by O Society June 24, 2019

In America, most folks don’t really understand what neoliberalism is or what socialism is or what being a reactionary is either. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Instead, politics is devolved into WWF Wrassling complete with heel vs. face storylines, which helps keep the average person from even having a name such as “neoliberalism” to label this ideology, much less understand it.

George Monbiot has a good take on neoliberalism:

Neoliberalism promised freedom – instead it delivers stifling control

People here tend to call it “trickle down economics,” though this term excludes the pervasive nature of neoliberalism, which recasts the very language we use for everything in our daily lives in marketing terms as commodities.

I ceased being a “human being” sometime around Reagan’s tenure in the ’80s. Now we are all “consumers.” This is our function. Human resources to be used. Uncle Ronnie’s supply side economics produces all the stuff and our meaning in life simply is to “consume” Uncle Ronnie’s jellybeans. Have one…


Currently, our president isn’t a person, he’s a “brand.” And when he makes $600,000 for giving a speech, we don’t call it “graft” or “corruption” the way a sane society would do. Instead, we congratulate him on his victory, which is selling us all out. That’s right. “All” as in black and white Americans. All of us. Sold out to bribery we’ve let be legalized.

And he’s selling a religion so pervasive, American people have no idea we’re even part of the cult because we think everyone IS in the cult; therefore, there is no cult, because there is no minority of non-believers. There is only everyone worshiping Mammon.

In America, there is no “economics” separate from “religion” separate from “politics” separate from “entertainment” because it all runs together into politainment and all is in service of Mammon. And the best part is nobody even knows his name!


Yes, Nietzsche was correct with the “God is dead. We have killed Him” bit as actual Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount – the “Christ” part of Christianity – is now replaced with American flags and dollar bills. These symbols of “freedom” are now more important than actual freedom itself is, as Mammon usurped actual God, as neoliberalism usurped economics, and human commodity our sense of self too.


But hey, you know, let’s ignore the real problem and play the white nationalists’ game of identity politics forever! Shall we?


6 thoughts on “Neoliberal Forever!

  1. Reading about diet and health in the 19th century, I noticed how pervasive the economic metaphor became in how people talked. There is an economy of energy, nutrients, psychic reserves, etc. One has to be careful in saving and investing or else one could fall into debt. Even back then, capitalism had infiltrated so many aspects of life.

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  2. It is interesting how corporations have overstepped their bounds, much as the cells of a tumor metastasize to other parts of the body. These carcinogenic cells do not function as the cells of the body do, so a lung cancer metastasizes to the brain and these “mets” not only do not think, they rob the brain of blood and nutrients, growing only for the sake of growth itself, until the mets impinge upon the life of the brain itself.

    And so neoliberalism grows and devours. Universities, where young people once went to blow their own minds and rebuild them, are no hallowed grounds for the MBA, the marketing folks, the Harvard JDs and so on, the liars, thieves, and scoundrels. Universities in America are laid waste by corporations, as is our media, our everything. Language itself is the language of business. Blandness and conformity for profit’s sake alone.

    Consider what passes for “music” these days. Jackasses singing about the money they made from you buying the song you are listening to now. Circular logic writing circular lyrics. Feeding itself for no reason other than to feed.

    An idiot putting his name on everything, reality TV shows being made in the supposedly hallowed halls of the Oval Office.

    When the reaper comes, he will find we sold ourselves for nothing more noteworthy than the experience of selling and buying itself. Being bought and sold, human capital. Maybe we should perish. Sometimes I believe it would be for the best for it to be sooner rather than later, just to save us this interminable vapid wasteland of babble for the sake of the sound noise makes.

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