Nature: Musical Interlude with Mongols

by O Society June 30, 2019

With a heavy heart, we note the passing of Nature Ganganbaigal, artist, musician, and poet with Tengger Cavalry. May he ride the wind of blue sky mind…

Buddhist knot 2


King of Prayers

I bow down to the youthful Arya Manjushri.

You lions among humans,
Gone to freedom in the present, past and future
In the worlds of ten directi ons,
To all of you, with body, speech, and sincere mind, I bow down.

With the energy of aspiration for the bodhisattva way,
With a sense of deep respect,
And with as many bodies as atoms of the world,
To all you buddhas visualized as real, I bow down.

On every atom are buddhas numberless as atoms,
Each amidst a host of bodhisattvas,
And I am confi dent the sphere of all phenomena
Is entirely filled with buddhas in this way.

With infinite oceans of praise for you,
And oceans of sound from the aspects of my voice,
I sing the breathtaking excellence of buddhas,
And celebrate all of you gone to bliss.





2 thoughts on “Nature: Musical Interlude with Mongols

    1. These seemingly random disparate things – Genghis Khan, Vikings, throat singing, heavy metal, folk music – roll it all up into a ball and you get this stuff.

      Put it in your pipe and smoke it!


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