Selling Identity: That Little Girl Was Me

by O Society July 8, 2019

Despite the Biden hype, I believed from the outset the Democratic party would find a candidate to fuse their last two presidential candidates into one, thus mining both identity groups for votes simultaneously. Here’s what they think is their winning identity formula:

Obama + Hillary => Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris’ Political Memoir Is an Uneasy Fit for the Digital Era

Not content with an African-American president nor a female finalist alone, the DNC is going to want to check as many demographic boxes as they can, while maintaining an empty vessel from which to pour their neoliberal religion. Kamala Harris is half Jamaican and half Indian. She’s Tiger Woods. Caublasian.



They’re going to do their damnedest to rig the election for her. I guarantee you from the day Trump was inaugurated, the Washington insiders and powers that be behind the Democratic party have been chanting Harris’ name.

You see, with Harris, you can pretend to be breaking “glass ceilings” for women, Asians, black folks all rolled into one. She’s an identity politics fetish come true. That’s the point. Oligarchs won’t have to worry about anyone coming for them, just as they were safe with Obama and HillBillary Clinton.

See instead people will be too busy arguing about the appropriateness of her ethnicity background gender to talk about issues. Her issues. Like her throwing black folks in jail faster than Jackie Robinson could slide into second base.



Bernie Sanders vs Kamala Harris the Jailer & Her Corporate Backers


How cosmopolitan is she? You tell me…



header image: Kamala Harris is selling “That Little Girl Was Me” T-shirts hooked to her explosive desegregation comments at the Democratic debate on Thursday night. But the merchandise is being perceived by some as a cheap move. On Friday morning, Harris’ campaign website began selling a black T-shirt with an imprint of the candidate as a school girl (ranging in price from $29.99 to $32.99). The move came off to some – including Harris’ followers – as tacky.

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Which of course will lead to a second wave of the inevitable whitelash Trump rode to victory the first time around. Either way – Trump or Harris – your friendly neighborhood neoliberal oligarch super villain and his henchmen are in like Flynn in 2020 and they’ll blame it all on the WWF wrassling nature of the politics game, again.



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