‘Mad’ Magazine Told the Truth About War, Advertising, and the Media

Patti Smith: “After Mad, drugs were nothing.”

5 thoughts on “‘Mad’ Magazine Told the Truth About War, Advertising, and the Media

    1. Indeed, Gwynn. Reverse engineer the truth.

      Another way to do this now is to see whom is accusing whom of what and assume it is projection. Example:

      The Democratic party hires Crowdstrike to “prove” the Russians threw the 2016 presidential election by hacking the DNC emails and leaking them to WikiLeaks.

      Turn it backwards and you have the truth: the DNC rigged the primary election for Hillary Clinton and hosed Bernie Sanders.


      Another example is any time Donald Trump opens his mouth and Whataboutism falls out.


      These accusation games are usually a way to point the finger as a distraction from your own malfeasance. Not always, but more often than 50/50.


      1. I grew up with MAD and Marvel comics and Choose Your Own Adventure books. All of it seems like kid stuff but looking back now, there’s more heavy duty truth stuff in this reading list than what most adults read these days (if they bother to read).


      2. I read MAD just because it was for kids even if I wasn’t one. But I began to notice that there was more meaning coming out of the ears of Alfred P. Neuman than I found elsewhere!


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