Eyebrows That Could Not, Would Not Die

by O Society

Mean Girls Revisited

Remember her? Truth is stranger than fiction. The wiggly worms doing a mating dance on her furrowed brow? Well, aren’t we fortunate, they’ve documented the entire ritual, the rom-com tragedy of the summer, coming soon to a theater near you!

Hallelujuah! Pass the OJ!

And tell that caterpillar to please pass the hookah pipe, somebody, will you? 


I Love You, Now Die

Her work searches for the truth along with a hard-fought decency, a belief that figures the mass media may vilify still contain a core of humanity. She sees this notion of empathy as a foundation of the true crime genre currently dominant in American culture, maybe even the secret ingredient that’s made it so recently ubiquitous.

If the people would only look past the kneejerk rage the Carter case inspires on first glance, they’d be wounded by the same pain that drew Carr to this sordid tale – a pain emanating from both sides, outward in every direction.

“True crime has a way of creating a visceral, physical reaction,” Carr firmly states. “There’s nothing like hearing about other people’s hurt. We’re herd animals, and we don’t want to see other people hurting. It’s like sports, with built-in stakes you get invested in.

This is a story about human beings, people also struggling with mental health issues will see it, and so we have to make sure to be compassionate while reporting on scandal.”


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