Denise Richards: Her Special Needs Daughter on Echochamber Friday

Welcome to Echochamber Friday where we pop our heads up out of our hole and look around to see what is going on in the real world so we don’t become frogs in a well. Today’s story randomly pulled from the celebrity news feed is… Denise Richards.

Her claim to fame is a movie you may remember called Wild Things, in which she and Neve Cambell do some ahh… wild things. May seem a bit tame by today’s standards, but 20 years ago homosexual/ bisexual activities were not mainstream in Hollywood movies or public American culture in general.


And of course Matt Dillon played the Oreo double stuff filling in the infamous menage-a-trois love triangle shenanigans.





You may also remember she her marraige to Charlie Sheen, the very epitome of epic WINNING!!!

“Even a hooker deserves to have Thanksgiving dinner.”


Looks as if Denise lived through hurricane Charlie and is now part of something called “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” With my being a non-cable TV having person, I can only guess this is a so-called reality TV show starring actors, an oxymoron of staggering implications.


No word yet on whether or not Matt and Charlie will terrorize the lucky seven domestics above with a Dragon’s blood séance or what.

What’s Denise up to these days? Well, as we’ve learned from the examples of Ronald Reagan and Michael J Fox and Corky, America collectively only really cares about tragic conditions such as Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases and Down syndrome when they happen to rich famous people on TV. So here we go with the spectacle, fingers crossed it actually does something to help people with chromosome disorders.

Denise Richards cries while opening up about daughter Eloise’s health struggles

Denise Richards is opening up about her daughter’s health struggles, and she’s not having an easy time.

The reality TV star told Andy Cohen during the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion that her daughter Eloise, 8, who was diagnosed with a chromosome disorder , is “doing really good.”

Chromosome 8, Monosomy 8p

“She has a deletion in chromosome 8 which has caused many delays with her and it’s caused a lot with speech development,” she said.

Eloise was unable to sit up on her own for a long time, and didn’t start walking until she was 2, even with physical therapy. She can only say a handful of words, she added.

Denise Richards Reveals Her 7-Year-Old Daughter Has Special Needs: ‘I’m Learning Every Day’

Richards told Cohen they only received a diagnosis two years ago.

“It was a very difficult thing to diagnose,” she continued. “She went through a lot of (expletive).”

To which Richards’ RHOBH co-star Erika Jayne responded: “So she was missing a lot of milestones?”

Denise Richards Breaks Down While Explaining the Rare Disorder That Affects Her Daughter, Elois

“We found out probably two years ago exactly. It was a very difficult thing to diagnose, she went through a lot. It was really hard when I saw what was written on the medical report to get the blood test and all the testing done. It was hard to see it in black and white, to be honest.”

Denise got emotional as she continued: “It’s just hard to see with your kid, you know?”

Chromosome 8, Monosomy 8p, results when a portion of the eighth chromosome is deleted. In many cases, there are growth delays during fetal development as well as after birth. The disorder can affect vital functions as well as cause abnormalities in the heart, among other effects. Monosomy 8p may also be characterized by delays in the acquisition of skills that require the coordination of mental and motor activities, such as growth and speech.According to reports in the medical literature, many affected children may have speech difficulties (as Denise explained).

“She can only say a handful of words, and there are times when she feels like her age in understanding, and then other times where it feels she’s emotionally 3 years old. It’s been challenging. I’m learning every day because they don’t really have a road map for her particular case,” Denise told PEOPLE earlier this year.

“You take care of your children no matter what is going on with them,” she added. “I don’t know if [Eloise] is ever going to talk like a typical child. But as a parent, you want what’s best for your children, and you just do it.”

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