Praise the Gourd!

by O Society July 23, 2019

The fossil fuel companies knew from their own research beginning way back in grandpa’s day they were f’ing up the world for future generations, as in us and our kids. We’ve all seen the supporting documents.

Therefore, continuing to argue about vaccines causing autism, and Bigfoot trudging around California, and which Kardashian is the biggest whore is a waste of everyone’s time. Which is why the the fossil fuel companies deliberately spread such ignorance – as in agnotology – to waste our time rather than do something. Our time is short and much better used in how to fix this hellified mess rather than checking on the sanity of some ostriches with sand up to their shoulders.


Here are 100 ways to do something useful from Paul Hawken.

In America, people are entitled to believe whatever they want without suffering consequences from physics or biology.

Don’t bother to try to reason with such American know-nothing. You can’t reason a man out of a belief with sound logic when he did not reason himself into it in the first place.

Unless it makes us feel good we don’t want to hear it. So we get people believing humans can’t change the climate or fly to the moon. Some people believe Santa Claus eats their milk and cookies and Obama is a Kenyan Muslim too.

Personally, I believe the Great Pumpkin is going to save us all from the Anthropocene by martyrdom. He’ll absorb all the climate crisis by allowing it to bake Him into a Great Pumpkin Pie.



Praise the Gourd!

Cigarettes don’t cause cancer and even if they did, humans didn’t invent tobacco, God did because He wants us all to die coughing.

Next, let’s pretend humans can’t land on the moon or better yet, it’s made of Martian green cheese and the Earth is flat, shall we?


There’s a name for people who spread ignorance intentionally for attention and money…

You speaking in tongues of snake oil charlatans reminds me of this projection we used to watch on the cave wall while we smoked Winstons back in the good ole days at the cement pond:

Hate to be the one to have to break the news to some folks here but your high school science teachers did you a disservice. Y’all should get your money back from your local public school system.

Thing is, real science curricula included teaching students about The Greenhouse Effect and the gases which cause it:

Methane (CH4) is a big one. Comes from cow farts. Agriculture. Domestication of cows. Beef. I’m from Texas and saw cows walk across my aunt’s front porch. You can light farts on fire because they are composed of natural gas. The gut flora and fauna of ruminants such as bovine produce tons of methane.


Carbon dioxide (CO2) from breathing and internal combustion engines produce tons of it. The bigger the human population and the more cars we drive, the worse it gets. Go to LA and see the smog from the highways.

This stuff isn’t rocket science folks. It’s easy to understand. The oil companies are in league with the military to burn fossil fuels, spinning smoke and bullets and fuel into fool’s gold. The bankers invest in commodities such as oil and natural gas. Trump and Obama put the pedal to the metal on drilling and warring. They are demons and their name is Legion.


You see neoconservatives and neoliberals are two sides of the same card. And those coins are to be placed on our children’s eyelids so the oligarchs and plutocrats can party like it’s 1999 until it’s too late.

Simple math. Farts and fire and breath and smoke. Our resources are finite. Growth for the sake of infinite growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. This way of doing multiplying people and cows and cars and wars endlessly will cause not only human extinction, it’ll take most life on earth with it.

Everybody knows the Titanic sinks at the end of the movie, yet people still paid a great deal of money to watch the film. Humans are funny this way…

It’s easy to understand how this works. Some folks just enjoy getting played by the powers that be. The play is running out of acts now.

Only rebellion will prevent an ecological apocalypse.


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