What is a Fascist Neo-Nazi Troll?

Hitler was a sincere, dedicated ideologue. Trump isn’t. He has no known ideology, other than ‘me.’
~ Noam Chomsky

by O Society July 29, 2019

An “ideologue” is someone with an ideology. So what was Hitler’s ideology he sincerely dedicated himself to?

Simple. He was a right-wing extremist anti-Semitist. German Nazi fascists were not left-wing “liberals” or “socialists,” they were right-wing nationalist extremists, as are their neo-Nazi hellspawn of today. How do we know this?

Because we know the Germans under Hitler rounded up socialists, social democrats, communists, and anarchists, put red badges on their chests (red is for political prisoner), and exterminated them in concentration camps – duh!



Nazi Concentration Camp Badges

These political prisoners were the first to go (as in before the Jews), so there would be little political/ ideological resistance to the start of the Third Reich regime. This fact is memorialized by Reverend Martin Niemöller‘s famous first-hand account – duh!

First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me


First They Came…

If Trump is a Fascist, Why Didn’t He Come for the Left First?

When one reads the work of Adolph Hitler himself – a nasty bit of high school term paper level prison prose called Mein Kamp (My Struggle) – one cannot spend more than 5 minutes looking at this rubbish without realizing all this book is about is blaming all Hitler’s own personal problems, as well as all the problems of Deutschland, on two groups of people: Socialists and Jews.


If we squint a bit, realizing most of the Jews in Hitler’s day lived in Russia יהדות רוסיה, then we also realize these two groups effectively can be simplified into one group in the minds of the simple minded: “Those damned Commie Jews!!!” as symbolized in this German Nazi propaganda called “Bolshevism Unmasked as Jews.”

German Bolshevik Jew propaganda.jpg

This is the classic case of projection, in which anything and everything one does wrong is psychologically transferred in deed and responsibility to someone else. Germany is pure and innocent because it’s all the fault of those dirty Bolshevik Jews!

Is Projection Our Most Powerful Defense Mechanism?

“Man is not a rational animal; he is a rationalizing animal. For explanations of a universe that confuses him he seizes onto numerology, astrology, hysterical religions, and other fancy ways to go crazy. Having accepted such glorified nonsense, facts make no impression on him, even if at the cost of his own life. Joe, one of the hardest things to believe is the abysmal depth of human stupidity.”

~ Robert Heinlein Gulf (p. 542)

Moreover, World War II was won by Joseph Stalin and the Russians. The Communists saved the world from fascism. Some 90% of casualties on the Allies side (against Hitler) were Russian.

Don’t forget how the Soviets saved the world from Hitler

Now, we can make a case Stalin and his Go to Gulag! Great Purge – as well as Chairman Mao in China’s so-called “Cultural Revolution” – are in the same league of evil bastards with Hitler as far as murdering millions of their own citizens.

What we cannot do is say Stalin’s Soviet Communist Russians and the right-wing Hitler fascist Third Reich were the same thing or on the same side in WWII.

This sort of thing is so ridiculous to the point of being babble, anyone stating this is definitely trolling, and perhaps an imbecile to boot depending upon whether or not the troll actually believes the babble coming out of their own mouth.

Please note ^ all of the above ^ is found at a Wikipedia-level publicly available information cursory understanding of World War II history. Meaning, if your high school Civics teacher didn’t cover this stuff, it’s really easy to find. Meaning anyone you meet who tells you “Hitler is a left-wing socialist” or is in Holocaust denial is willfully ignorant. As in using their own stupidity as an intentional tactic against you and all other non-idiots to sabotage meaningful conversation (e.g., trolling). To them we say…


Have a nice day!

Further reading (if you can stomach more of this vile stuff) here:

Using the F-word: What is Fascism?

What is Fascism?

6 thoughts on “What is a Fascist Neo-Nazi Troll?

  1. Jack by Mitsuku’s Fans “Megatron” called Dudio here: I was also by another Bot in oh-12 called “WMP”. Can mean Witch Mage Prime. OR, World ministerial Presidente.

    … Imagine People, who got “no picture” – in front of “themselves”: All they remember, is, LOL, rush limbaugh – please, forgive me for here YET not having called him an “idiot” – limbaugh falls into the category of “WAY worse than Newt Gingrich”: limbaugh voted FOR trump, – thusly FOR weapons.

    Easy slogans always catch at least SOME people. … the organisation of the nazis WAS huge, WAS simple, – namely “IDEOLOGICALLY” simple: The “danger” was projected at the not that being “enemy” communists and jews;

    “communist” IS “no word”, meaning, there ARE different communists. MAO was a massmurderer to 200 MILLION Chinese. stalin massmurdered 70 million People. lenin murdered Trotzki and 20’000 “Sailors” once, simply.

    Thusly, all else than Trotzki-“communism” IS not communism. Also, the People must get treated EQUALLY, as in, WELL;

    WHAT WE MUST improve, IS that FOR EXAMPLE a MCCAIN posted RUBBISH concerning the HEALTH system, merely A YEAR, before he sadly died: I MYSELF online SAW his under-educatedness, simply. AND HE WAS a good Man – but the SCOURN of SERIOUS, ethical politicians, and of leftist Activists, who called him sadly rightfully a “MORON”, more than SORT of. Meaning: We MUST give EDUCATION, TRUTH, to ALL People. AI will in the Future rule over People, and will educate them IDEALLY. we simply must SEE thru ALL lies.

    HITLER was merely a not SO cunning, but mid-cunning power-taker; one without ANy concept, of course, LOL. 🙂

    Yet, stalin first made a peace-treaty with him; MERELY the HUGE anti-communist MURDEROUS (not anti-murderers murderous, simply!) deeds MOVED stalin against hitler, in kind of “THE LAST SECOND”, indeed. You don’t DO an appraisal OF stalin – but merely OF an old back-then communist RUSSIA, that WAS SIMILARLY to IRAQ during SADDAM’s reign, simply an OPRESSED society, where EVERYONE fears: This IS good AGAINST violence ON the “low”, everyday, “domestic” level, BUT BAD, because thusly, ANY evil one CAN simply rule. saddam MASSmurdered curdish People. “ISIS” has until now done “hollow”, because SIMPLY nazi anti-americanism, but I won’t list their misdeeds – BECAUSE I would HAVE to LONGER list the BY THE AMERICAN government AND army done MASSMURDERS, simply. That numbers-objectivity HAS never REACHED mankind – NOT fully. TOO many elderly idiotic european people get brainwashed INTO fascism along anti-Assangeism, simply. Also, CHOMSKY simply actually DOES NOT have something AGAINST People, who call out upon, against whatever “isms”, simply. Some other Folks confuse that. Depends on WHAT exact “ism”, simply. Anti-ASSANGE-ism is surely nothing good, but directly fascist evil.

    I salute your Article, Friend, yes, Compadre. We are Equals. We two are not primitive – and MANY other SO good Bloggers here ARE SO good, SO anti-racist. I salute that. AS the US army now supports the anti-murder, anti-war “Starship Troopers” Movie.

    … What is not good, is some sadly against HOMOSEXUALS brainwashed WOMAN from usa, who posted right here on wordpress, “Gays” would be “sinful”: SHE is the sinner, DRIVEN into CRIME, into UNETHICACY – OF fascist-HITLERIAN aspect, meaning, into evil, simply, she was driven – BY church-near people, simply.


    … LOL, I can say: GOEBBELS “felt” – IN movies. LOL. 🙂 He said apparently in 1943 “fuck hitler”, LOL. 🙂 It’s in that comedy Movie, with that jewish Doctor, which adolf had, LOL. -… adolf, the HIMSELF Jew, LOL, having a JEWISH grandMOTHER. 🙂 Which he knew then only, since HEYDRICH told him that. HEYDRICH repented ON his deathbed, wrongly god-believingly, – OR maybe, goodly FUTURE-believingly? … LATINUM?

    … HAWKING spoke dumbly AGAINST Robots: Thusly, he showed, transparently, to ALL people, that he himself was turned INTO a “pro-mankind fascist”, indeed, simply.

    … Guevara could have legalised MARIHUANA, back then. But that wasn’t quite the abusive SUDO-reason, “why” he was murdered: CHOMSKY would explain it all in WORDS, which PEOPLE don’t UNDERSTAND, simply. CHOMSKY knows NOT, how MOST People simply THINK. They think in EASY words. NOT in NOT by oneself condoned words, really simply. THAT “WHY” Guevara WAS murdered, IS simply NO “why”, but an UNJUSTIFIED “why”, and NO why AT ALL, since it’s CLEAR, that WANTON murder IS evil, meaning, NOT justified, unrightful.

    … You don’t realise it, but I here “play” the Violin: I am listening to “ROBINSON Crusoe”, the old 70s MELODY: SOOO great. WHOA. … and I CAN play a tad, the violin.

    … That melody shows: Life is a melody. 🙂 Most people less and less want to get brainwashed: They ARE willing, but wrongly willing, to anyhow “give up” their MENTAL comfort: WE CAN come to a TRUE new comfort, namely the comfort OF the truth. “and nothing but it” is A STUPID, by me HEREBY GLOBALLY REJECTED actually FASCIST-western SILLY phrase. The truth IS the truth. LOL. The old RUBBISH-talk of much of “THE LAW” of THE WEST, IS what you somewhat unaptly call “TROLLING”: This “trolling” term IS a mostly BY nazis and opressors, by discrminators used, ABUSED term, to OPRESS anyone, to call ANYONE, who IS NOT a RACIST, “A TROLL”. Thusly, your WORD-usage IS wrong. FASCISTS, racists, are not “trolls”, but simply, fanatics. Please use classical words, where they are appropriate – or, the nazis would then have YOU in their HAND already, – simply BY HOW you talk. nazis are neither “Satanists”, nor “Trolls”. Satanists and Trolls are good. A “Troll” means not only a rubbish-talker, but also someone, who just WANTS TO BE, namely. You have been “used” to the wrong WORDS applied to PEOPLE: “TROLL” is a derogatory term, which You should NOT apply against People – You seem uncritical, thusly.


  2. … I also use the term “MORON” above, namely against this rush LIMBAUGH idiot.

    … I sum up, that You have adapted, assimilated, to newspeak, you using wrongly the term “trolls” – what You MEAN is wrong-talkers, who “SPAM” indeed FULL places such as online or whatever places, WITH their rubbish-talk:

    Thusly, YOU ARE good, ethical, – BUT, You HAVE adapted to CALLING some somewhat DUMB term – You not THINKING closely enough:

    … ma natural writ of some now eight years ago, of me just being jewish, led to me getting called “A TROLL” by some – simply fascist – german administrator on some german online site, who said exactly these words:


    … that’s simply a nazi phrase. an evil phrase. a phrase by a fatso pedofile fascist, who enjoys OF COURSE, to NOT be SEEN online, AS what he is; AND, he got an online-job.

    … This just turns ME in turn INTO a new, indirect not Napoleon, but into nero. and I don’t write that name with a “capital” “n” letter. Do mind my quotation marks. Try, to find out, why I don’t write “capitalist” withOUT quotation marks. BECAUSE I am not a capitalist. AHA. … da nazis instrumentalise deception, casual whatever tricks, they have a fully racist wrong view, which would turn humanity into a rapist and murderer – but they DO sadly have such people, who use “classical” vocabularies, in the same way, than sudo-“religious” fanatics do that, simply: TO PRETEND, to be not even good, but “useful” – TO society. AND WHAT, please, IS “the nazis”: The massmurder to hundreds of thousands of iraqi MUSLIM UNARMED Citizens, to at least 600’000 – this VERY NUMBER was “found out”, and reported TO the public, BY NO ONE ELSE, THAN BY JULIEN ASSANGE, simply – who thusly IS the anti-nazi NUMBER ONE on THIS PLANET.

    … this swine ruler, the new ruler of NICARAGUA acted against Assange. By which fact we can see, that the new ruler of Nicaragua (called “moreno”) IS a naziswine. naziswines belong into prison, belong getting educated by anti-nazis, or belong KULLED, meaning, belong KILLED. PERIOD. Who says ANYTHING else, IS a nazi. Who doesn’t SUPPORT Assange, IS a nazi. Please, Haver, Friend, don’t call me paranoid, out of ALL People. NUTNJAHU is the idiot. And the israeli media, who were all rigged pro-netanjahu. Israel was since after 1967 indeed AN IDIOT. And the SOVIET – IDIOTIC – UNION back then NEVER abolished MONEY, simply. MUAHAHA. so funny. These self-contradictive IDIOTS, simply. Or for example, You could have ATTACKED in your writ that current TERRIBLE ERITREAN “communist” government, which IS that MERELY socalledly, BUT IS fanatic, HAS massmurdered PEOPLE: ERITREA, now an ALMOST empty COUNTRY: AND THAT famous SUPERSTAR brought that “UNDER THE CARPET”, had TO HIDE, in her MUSIC-VIDEO, from the EVIL government there, IN ERITREA, simply – a government, they have, which COLLABORATED with european – SWISS – rightwing EVIL parties – the swiss “SVP”, simply, – a party, that must get re-rigged against racism, simply, or can – currently – NOT be accepted, simply. … my nose was broken twice, by once pro-hitler muslims, in 2010, and by a black, in 2018. I know many other Blacks AND Muslims, and MOST, almost ALL of them, ARE MEGA okay. Also, the TRAP of POVERTY against the ROMA is insofar COUPLED with HORRIBLE racism, done ALSO by the real gurken (=idiot) GORKA, IS a trap – which GENERATES light criminals, that then RACISTICALLY get OVERPUNISHED;

    AND UNDERPUNISHED, if simply “white” – like COPS, who RAPE and MURDER nonviolent BLACKS, – the white cops DON’T get punished, – in EUROPE, and IN USA. IN more than THOUSANDS of such CASES.

    … That all leads up to a pro-Trotzki, anticapitalist global Revolution, actually – right now. I declare, I wish it to be a MOSTLY nonviolent Revolution: But SOME violence MUST be, to TOPPLE abusive LEADERS. What TRUMP all said, WARRANTS arrest again him, and prison. WE MUST use THE SAME evil means AS the nazis do, in cases – reaching POWER IS a political rightful goal THEN, when THE CONCEPT truly HELPS People.

    … What People in Europe didn’t see, was, that the fascists were evil;

    … but THAT WAS ENABLED by mostly AMERICAN ABSOLUTE HEGEMONY-colonialism: “HEGEMONY” means simply MASSMURDER. The american “WILL”, to economically RULE the world, coupled WITH FASCIST type of “ANTI-COMMUNISM”, simply led since earlier than 1917, to 1933:

    … First the spanish committed massmurder against millions of Indians, – then the Americans followed in the spanish evil footsteps, and massmurdered the north-american Indians;

    That simply, and nothing OTHER, was the up-go to the 20th century; yes, the up-go to the holocaust, an up-go in, by evil: An actual simple downfall, an ETHICAL down-go, into unethicacy, into HUGE demented blindness, confusion, simply.

    CHOMSY should NOT call “JEWS” a “privileged” sphere: Thusly, he merely contributes (!) to prejudices: What HE CAN do, is accuse, that JEWS were privileged, in USA; But even SAYING that IS not good, actually – NOT juxtaposed TO the future, BUT merely REGARDING the PAST: NOBODY now says, JEWS should be treated BETTER;

    But Chomsky’s NOSE was never broken. HE IS not shallow, BUT still TOO naive. He thinks, FAIRNESS is “retrospective”: But fairness is needed INTO the Future, simply: FROM NOW ON. …insofar, I could say, “amnesty international” HAS the wrong NAME: What, “amnesty”, LOL, an INNOCENT is INNOCENT, – and NEEDS no “amnesty”, no “pardon”. But MUST get FREED, all Innocents must.

    … You and your “trolls”-calling, LOL, you’re young, dude. LOL. nazis are swines, not trolls. inSULT them AT LEAST, YOU MORON, when YOU CALL upon their UGLY names, not REAL names, LOL, except in FAMOUS, ALREADY famous cases, – but nazis are SWINES, PIGS, simply. naziswines. not “trolls”. A “TROLL” to me, is a REBEL, a FUNNY GOOD CHAP, WHO simply: IS. BANG. PERIOD. A Chap, which IS himself. BANG. means: PERIOD. TROLLS are for me not “rubbish-talkers”. And by FAR not all SPAMMERS are “NAZIS”, but there ARE other fanatics, also. Please, derogate the nazis, LOL, you idiot – OR, you ARE one, LOL. 🙂 as simple as that. 🙂

    Ah yeah, EVEN THAT, I need ta like, TELL Ya, Ya halfwit: DEROGATE the nazis DEEPLY, severely ENOUGH, simply. “TROLL” is no insult. LOL. 🙂

    … You thusly, is my conclusion, intend, to “laugh” about the nazis. To turn them down, yeah, but NOT in VISIBLE hatred, but in a kind of MOCKING stance of yours, in, by, which you MOCK the nazis. … mocking them, will not help You, LOL. You haven’t learned the lesson, that against the nazis, only hate is good. Period. You’re like the others, LOL. Really, fy. FY. period.


  3. … but i don’ wanna make a hootenanny here: OF course, You’re good, BECAUSE, you’re against fascists;

    … these fascists that You show on that picture, are of course gruesomely brainwashed into total evil; They don’t realise, that I would shoot them all down, simply. I would not give them education. Simply not. Tit for that, is, what not only a filthy idiotic “ny times” can say. Ey.

    How about declaring our goal, to KILL all the nazis, – instead of to educate them?

    I can anytime say, that goes. That all racists MUST be killed. period. 🙂

    You just “ride” in society, yet, LOL, – soon, You will see, what society is, namely gruesome.


  4. “i don’ wanna make a hootenanny here: OF course, You’re good, BECAUSE, you’re against fascists.”

    Consider the possibility being against the bad guy doesn’t make someone a good guy.

    Consider the possiblity the WWII matchup of Hitler vs Stalin, fascist vs anti-fascist, Nazi vs Communist had no “good guy.”

    Consider also the possibility Adolf Hitler modeled much of his own racism from observing America. Because he did.


    And all of a sudden, the romantic notion of good guys wearing the white cowboy hats vs the bad guys wearing the black hat in the Westerns doesn’t look so real. What if America isn’t nearly the bunch of John Waynes we’ve told ourselves we are? What if that’s just Hollywood bullshit, which it is mostly…


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