White Lion Cub Spotted in Kruger National Park

Daily Mirror edited by O Society July 30, 2019

In-the-wild footage captures one of only 15 white lion cubs left in the wild at Kruger National Park in South Africa.

The rare sighting was captured by Ramsay Horton in December 2018.

Footage shows a family of lions including two lionesses leading a litter of cubs through a dried-up riverbed and the white lion trotting through the sand with other cubs.


The cubs are also seen relaxing and playing in the extraordinary scene.

Mr Ramsay, who also took snaps of the lions said:

“We were on safari and driving down a dry creek bed and there were two female lionesses with their five cubs and one of them was a very rare white lion cub.

“We were all so shocked as they are so rare and we had heard rumours about there being one in the area. Everyone was just silent and taking it in while the tracker was whispering interring information about them.

“We were with them for 10-15 minutes while they were playing around and then eventually one of the adults decided it was time to move on as some monkeys had seen them and started to ‘alarm’ which is where they make loud noises to let other animals know danger is near.”

White lions are considered  sacred animals  in their indigenous Timbavati region of South Africa. The first white lion sighting by a European was in the Peru area of Timbavati in the early 1940s by Joyce Mostert, who hailed from a family of landowners.


The Global White Lion Protection Trust breeds these beautiful animals and re-introduces them into the wild.


Habitat and lifestyle of the white lion

Because they are white in appearance, these lions can be mistaken for albinos.

Of course, since some humans are stupid beings who enjoy killing beauty, poachers attempt to capture and kill them because they are so rare.


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