Musical Interlude with Motörhead

Today on Musical Interlude, we have special undead guest stars Lemmy and Filthy Phil and Bruce  Campbell and a Würzel piano. If they move in next door to you, all your houseplants will die. And they’re in a hurry!

^ This ^ is the first time I ever saw Motörhead. On the Young Ones. The next time was in person at a New Years Eve party in university. My mate Larry got his foot broken, stepped on by some gargantuan guy in denim and leather in the pit during the first song, so he disappeared and I’d no idea what happened to him or where he went.

The header image is the first Motörhead album I bought after seeing them on the Young Ones. No Remorse. Classic. Check it.

This one – Chase is Better than the Catch – is my all-time favorite Motörhead tune. Long live rock’n’roll. Love you guys in Valhalla or WTF you’ve landed yourselves now.

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