Who Really Controls the Message?

In response to Trump Controls the Message Because We Enable Him, one of our O Society people posed this question:

Do you really think “Trump controls the message?” ‘Cause… I get the distinct impression he doesn’t.”

^ This ^ is a fantastic observation. What do you think?

by O Society August 5, 2019

What’s going on is this: I think there is a fascist sensory experience feedback loop going on. Therefore, depending on which part of the feedback loop we isolate to observe, it can look as if this segment controls the message. What does this mean and can I prove it?

The feedback loop is simple; it basically hides in plain sight. What we’ll do next is outline how it works, and make this outline chock’o’block full of references, which will be links like this, which will allow us to pause at any particular place in the outline and flesh it out with examples and theory and so on. In this way, we can go as deep down this rabbit hole as we’d like, or not.


The first thing to get about this feedback loop is it is a fascist sensory experience. The second is to realize Donald Trump doesn’t have any real ideology except for “Me,” which means he isn’t really a fascist , because however we define it, fascism is an ideology.

“Hitler was a sincere, dedicated ideologue. Trump isn’t. He has no known ideology, other than ‘Me.'”

~ Noam Chomsky

Donald Trump has no ideology other than “Me” because Trump is a solopsist.

What does this mean? As George Orwell noticed back in the 1940s, we don’t have an agreed upon definition for the fascist ideology. Why?

Because in common everyday language, the word “fascist” is a derogatory slur. Try to figure out what slurs such as “nigga” or “faggot” really mean and you’ll see, it’s difficult to get a straightforward answer we can all agree upon.


Woman Carrying a Faggot by Munkácsy Mihály (1873)

The meaning is the message. These are bad words and the message is intended to be bad. That’s it. These words are intended to be offensive, nothing more. Their function is to offend. Therefore, as Umberto Eco does here, we turn to Wittgenstein and say this is a game, what’s the point of playing this specific game?

“So we come to my point: There was only one Nazism… but the fascist game can be played in many forms, and the name of the game does not change. The notion of fascism is not unlike Wittgenstein’s notion of a game. A game can be either competitive or not, it can require some special skill or none, it can or cannot involve money. Games are different activities that display only some “family resemblance,” as Wittgenstein put it.

Fascism became an all-purpose term because one can eliminate from a fascist regime one or more features, and it will still be recognizable as fascist… In spite of this fuzziness, I think it is possible to outline a list of features typical of what I would like to call Eternal Fascism. These features cannot be organized into a system; many of them contradict each other, and are also typical of other kinds of despotism or fanaticism. It is enough if one feature is present to allow fascism to coagulate around it.”


So there’s that. What sort of fascism coagulates around Donald Trump specifically in the here and now? In  “How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them,”Jason Stanley answers:

“Trump is very clear that loyalty to him is the only guide. Reality is, of course, the greatest threat to fascism, because fascism is based on power, and reality is a way of responding to power. You say, “It’s just false.” So you have to make everyone destabilized, not connected to the truth. And you have to represent yourself as reality. And you have to show that you’re stronger than reality, because fascism is about machismo and power.”

Thus we arrive at the unbending relationship:

Trump’s only ideology is “Me”; Trump’s only guide is who is loyal to “Me.”

^ This ^ axiom is crucial to be mindful of whenever we discuss politics in today’s America. Don’t underestimate how simple this all is. There are plenty of people who are too “smart” to get it, but nobody is too stoopid.


Trump is not playing a Three-Dimensional Vulcan game of Hyperchess – no matter what morons may tell you otherwise – we are playing the simple game called “It’s all about Me; either you are with Me or you are against Me.” That’s it.


When we say Trump is a solipsist, we mean his entire wold is composed of Me. Literally. It’s this simple. Anyone and everyone else don’t really exist as human beings in Trump World, rather we function as tools. Either we help elevate Trump’s status (as measured socially by popularity ratings and financially by money). For Trump, his relationship with his Trumpets is only about

his –> status <–  as measured by –> WINNING!!! <– and nothing more.

Impressive Compulsive Disorder is WINNING!!!

So much WINNING!!!

“You gonna win so much you may even get tired of winning!”


“You Should Never Be Tired Of Winning!!!”

If all this WINNING!!! sounds familiar – as in a Tiger-Blood-fueled bipolar, bisexual, bi-WINNING!!! drug-induced state of hallucination, well… it is.

What do we get for a bottom line, for those of us not willing to go too far down the rabbithole to see how all of this goes?

We get this: When we say “Trump controls the message” what we mean is all Trump cares about is the message says “Me” and “WINNING!” with the speakers on 11. That’s it. This Trump-fascism or Trump-ism.

The message is “I am WINNING!!! and there is no other subject.”

This is enough lunacy to soak in for now. Next we’ll discuss the media role in the rise of the Trumpets because they are complicit in the hijack. How do we know this?

For one, the mediots faithfully repeat every bit of babble coming out of Charlie… er, Donald’s cigarette and Dragon Blood-filled pie hole…

‘Trump Says…’ The Journalist Malpractice of Echo-Chamber Headlines








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