Cui Bono? and Follow the Money

One of our O Society people asks:

“Donald Trump seems to want to keep us out of more wars. Yet he now has some of the most despicable neocons running things in his administration. And he is dominated by Israeli interests. Why, I wonder?”

edited by O Society August 6, 2019

Often simple phrases such as “Follow the Money” and “Cui Bono?” help orient us when we set out looking for answers. Here are some answers:

I neither support nor attack Vladimir Putin. We can say Putin consistently refuses to engage with US aggression in the Middle East and even NATO on its own border, thus avoiding WWIII (for now). We also can say Putin lies like a penny in the parkinglot at the grocery store. Both are true.

“Give Russia 20 years of internal and external peace and quiet and it will change beyond recognition.”

I’m neutral like Switzerland or whatever. Not an apologist. Not a Commie. Not a Trumpet. Not anything. I don’t want war, especially not between nuclear nations.

When one remains neutral, it is hard to see Trump and Putin as tagteammates on some world destruction tour of WWF Wrassling. Sounds like bullshit, especially if we lookit what’s actually happened instead of listening to the hemming and hawing of Russia-gate soap opera storyline, yes?

A List of All the Good Things Trump Does for Russia

I am no fan of any president in the last 40 years, since Reagan’s neoliberlism became the state religion. There hasn’t been a decent honest man in the White House since Jimmy Carter.

On Truth, Myth, and Logos

Yes, he is:

When Jimmy Carter Hung Out with Bob Dylan

So I tend to avoid the “Clinton can beat up Bush” arguments because they are meaningless in this context. There is no one worth vouching for, not Obama, not Trump, not any of them.

After Charlottesville, anyone who likes Trump is either a racist, is stoopid, is in it for the money, or isn’t really paying attention. To answer your question:

Trump is Adelson’s bitch.

Forget Putin – Donald Trump is Israel’s Bitch

The military industrial complex fills orders for Israel as if it were the To Go menu at Chlli’s.

Israel and the Military Industrial Complex

The wacky Christian cult love Israel because Jesus was an Apocalyptic radical Jewish rabbi:

This is Why Evangelicals Love Israel

Yes, He was:

The Quest of the Historical Jesus by Albert Schweitzer

The white supremacists love Israel because it is a Shining City on the Hill example of a white ethnostate:

Republicans Love Israel Because of their Own White Supremacy

Donald Trump has no ideology but “Me.” So he’s Adelson’s bitch and the Military-Industrial-Complex’s bitch because he thinks it benefits himself to be so. Certainly the Trumpets have their share of white supremacists and wacky Christians, and although Trump isn’t really a Nazi or a Pentecostal, he’ll let them have their day if they continue to make him the star on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

So the right-wing extremists Trump represents and lets run wild behind the scenes are a coalition of different interests, the most dangerous of which are the ones who simply want to destroy the government all together so they can be oligarchs unimpeded forever and ever.

This is what makes Trump extremely dangerous. He may be just a reality TV celebrity game show host with no real plan. However, the Robert Mercers and David Kochs and Sheldon Adelsons behind the scenes getting exactly what they want out of his circus monkey tricks using the blueprint laid down by John Calhoun, Milton Friedman, and James Buchanan.

This Is How the Republican Party Plans to Destroy the Federal Government

“The dystopic endgame is not difficult to predict: the day you get only the weather forecast you pay for. A private company will become better than the Weather Service at knowing where a hurricane will make landfall: What will it do with that information? Tell the public or trade it inside a hedge fund? You know what Hurricane Harvey is going to do to Houston before Houston knows: Do you help Houston? Or do you find clever ways to make money off Houston’s destruction?”

The Fifth Risk

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