How Mass Murder Happens at a Level Everyone Will Understand


“It’s not just about guns and mental illness man…

It’s about anger transference and living in a society that thrives on division and the demonization of differences. This creates target groups for angry individuals to attack with impunity.”

~ Dale Gribble

What does ^ this ^ mean? You know, in plain English, Dale?

by O Society August 7, 2019

Let’s break it down. Shall we? Let’s do…

Without anyone really noticing they pulled a fast one on us, the National Rifle Association frames this conversation right in the box as what we call a false dichotomy.

That’s right.  False as in not true. Dichotomy as in…

Dic- no, not dick, “Di” as in Princess “Di-ana” (di as in two)

-cot-  (as in a dicot in botany is a plant with two branches)


WTF? Botany? You don’t get it? If it was weed you’d get it, wouldn’t you?


Ok listen, it means they only give us two choices, like when you were a kid, and mom says, “Dale, do you want to go to bed at 7pm or 8pm?”

See, it seems like a choice, but it isn’t. Dale gotta go to bed either way and both ways. A real choice would include options like a donkey, a stripper, a midget, and a pile of cocaine. But that’s not what mom is talking about here, is it?

She’s gone and limited your little world to bedtime an hour later, maybe, if you’re good. Which you’re not, because you are thinking about a stripper doing some things now, aren’t you? Yes, we all are. It’s called the power of suggestion.


In plain English, it means when the NRA pays a spokesparrot bunches of money to deliver the line “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” what they’ve done is frame the conversation as if there are two separate things involved here and we must – dammit, before you even open your mouth, we MUST – talk about things in this way and pick one of the two separate things we have been given to blame. Or else.

Follow the script.

We wrote it and paid good money to put these words into your mouth, so do it. Now.

Because we said so. PERIOD

To ^ this ^ I and anyone who is old enough to know better say “Thanks, but fuck you very much. I’m going with Tawny Kitaen and the cocaine.”

And this is why it’s the adult decision to make:

Q: What do you make of the recent epidemic of violent youth?

A: America doesn’t need as many guns! I keep hearing this [expletive] thing guns don’t kill people, but people kill people. If that’s the case, why do we give people guns when they go to war? Why not just send the people? In my case, when I was a child, if my father had a gun, I would have [expletive] used it. The temptation would have been too great. He smoked; I know that’s why I started smoking when I was 12.


~ Ozzy Osbourne NY Times Sunday, June 28, 1998

The Blizzard of Oz figured it out. Haven’t you?

It isn’t the guns that kill people. It isn’t the people that kill people either.

It’s the gawdammed bullets, isn’t it? The bullet goes in one ear and out the other, doesn’t it? That’s what kills you. The bullet.

See how this misdirection sleight of hand con game works?

A person all alone without a gun isn’t able to kill many people at all, is she?

And a gun all alone without a person isn’t able to kill many people at all either, is it?

Well, there is this thing… you know, where the dog shoots a person.

Yes. With a gun. The dog. 5 or 6 rounds it says here.


See? It’s a false dichotomy, people!

You say you want some real logic and philosophy on top, do you? What, Ozzy and Tawny and Doggy not enough? We’re trying to keep this at a level anyone and everyone can understand, so there’s no misunderstandings, right? Even if they’ve gotten hold of some weed and cocaine, they can understand this, correct?

OK, we’ll do really basic Wikipedia philosophy then because even if you’re blistered, you can get it:

A dichotomy /dˈkɒtəmi/ is a partition of a whole (or a set) into two parts (subsets). In other words, this couple of parts must be


“False Dichotomy: This is where you say there are only two choices, when actually there are more. For instance, you might say someone is either alive, or they’re dead, ignoring the fact they might be Dracula. Or you might say if someone’s not a Democrat, then they must be some sort of Republican, ignoring the very real possibility they could be Dracula.”


Now ^ there’s ^ some real good ole time philosophy… either that or you’re reeallly high… or maybe it’s both and neither all at once!

Did you think of that? Yes, of course you did. But we digress.

Now back to Dale. “It’s not just about guns and mental illness, man…

You tell’em, Dale. Same false dichotomy. The NRA just exchanged the word “people” for “mental illness.” Of course they did. These tricks aren’t sophisticated, they’re basic. Which is why we are talking on a basic level everyone can understand using things the average guy can relate to to illustrate, see?

Instead of arguing about whether guns kill people or people kill people, now we’re allowed to argue about whether guns kill people or mental illness kills people.

Sneaky bastards, aren’t they?

Where’s the choice for greedy corporate bastard who profits off murder? Where’s the button for that one? Why am I not allowed to choose this option in our scripted pseudo-fake-debate?

Because every time one of these mass murders happens, you know what you can count on like clockwork?

Yes, you do. Of course you do. Sales of guns and ammo. Go through the roof. Don’t take my word for it. Go buy some stock. Go buy some Wall Street Journal to tell you what happens after the big mass murder with all the bullets. They’ll know.

Gun manufacturer stocks rise after weekend mass shootings and renewed calls for tougher firearm laws

Gun stocks are rallying (as they usually do after a mass shooting)

Gun stock prices climb after mass shooting

What? ^ It’s ^ from USA Today. Hardly a biased Commie Pravda rag. Try again.

Thing is, the NRA represents Gun Corporations. Wall Street. The stock market.

What? You thought they were teaching kids firearm safety or something? Looking out for their members? Ha ha ha! He said “member,”


How The Gun Industry Funnels Tens Of Millions Of Dollars To The NRA

No, idiot. They’re getting paid. Ammo costs money. More ammo, more money.

And that is how you use Ozzy, Tawny, Doggy, and Money to ‘splain how it works at a meme and Wikipedia level anyone and everyone – even the tactically stupid – can understand. Unless you’d rather be told what to believe and how to think by the war pigs and profiteers of mass murder. Go ahead there, dickstick.

They – meaning the NRA and the guns & ammo corporations they represent – scare the beejeepers out of everyone with a TV using Muslim terror, Negro crime, Mexican gang bangers, and every other tired banal cliché they can foist upon us to demonize the Other in an overt attempt to make us scared and angry enough to just go out and kill somebody about it. It’s called “advertising.”

And what do we do? Why we pay for the “privilege” of being afraid and resentful of our fellow man. As in hating Them with all the fascism and violence this gun religion lifestyle entails. Which we then take out on some folks minding their own business at the nearest mass murder shooting coming to a school-town-Walmart near you.

And yes, this is a philosophically sound and logically valid way to look at the issue, brought to you by Ludwig.


The thinking error at the root of science denial



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