The Chosen One

by O Society August 23, 2019

Narcissus stared at his own reflection in a mirror. However, Narcissus never seemed to realize he was looking at himself. Rather, he simply gazed at the image with monomania.

Narcissism, Idolatry, and Self-Knowledge

Echo repeated everything Narcissus said but she could not get him to look away from his own reflection. So America repeats everything Donald Trump says endlessly.

Trump Calling Himself the ‘Chosen One’ Wasn’t Even the Most Insane Moment of His Unhinged Rant

I am the Chosen One. Somebody had to do it.”

Yes we do. Donald Trump could say, “My dog shat on the floor.” and America would repeat it on Echo continuously.

‘Trump Says…’ The Journalist Malpractice of Echo-Chamber Headlines

Yes. Shat is the past tense of the verb to shit. Read some Shakespeare.

No. Trump has no dog. The fact the man isn’t responsible enough to take care of a dog by himself should have told us all we needed to know in the first place.

Let’s water it down to emoji and pass it round, shall we?


None of this is new. It is all banal tripe cliche. Trump looks at himself. America echos whatever he says. People like to pretend.

The second coming of God. Mmm hmm… here are some folks pretending Trump is Chosen by Jesus:

Thank You Lord Jesus for President Trump

Is Donald Trump supposed to be the Anti-Christ, Queen Ester, or King Cyrus?

The Cult of Raputure

Why he’s all three at once, isn’t he. He’s a trinity!


Didn’t you get the memo? The one about being the Chosen 1?


LeBron James is the Chosen One too.






You see, this much ado about nothing is no more relevant than a Twitter battle between tweets twitting and twatting and shitting and shatting about who’s the chosen one.


And you think this is important, for what reason?

Lunatics: We Want the Moon and Greenland

They told you why they support Trump in the beginning. You should believe them.

What does a Trump rally really look like from the inside?

“Almost everyone in line is wearing 45 merch. Trump is the most T-shirtable president in history, and it’s not even close. Trumpinator tees are big (“2020: I’LL BE BACK”), but you’ll also see Trump as Rambo (complete with headband, ammo belt, and phallic rocket-launcher), Trump as the Punisher (a Trump pompadour atop the famous skull), even Trump as Superman (pulling his suit open to reveal a giant T).

Slogans include “Trump 2020: Grab ’em by the Pussy Again!” and the ubiquitous “Trump 2020: Fuck Your Feelings.”

One merch hawker — an African American man with a visor, wraparound sunglasses, and spiked, dyed-white hair — is snaking through the crowd, pushing a T-shirt: “Donald Fuckin’ Trump.” On the back, the shirt reads “Bitch I’m the President!” “Five bucks for hats, 10 for tees!” he yells. “ ‘Bitch, I’m the president!’ ‘Make America great again!’ ”

“Four more years!” someone in the crowd yells back, to cheers.

Two and a half years into his presidency, Trump already stakes a claim to a role in history usually reserved for hereditary monarchs at the end of a line of inbreeding. Historians will list him somewhere between Vlad the Impaler and France’s Charles VI, who thought his buttocks were made of glass.

Much of America loves its Mad King, whose works are regularly on display. Russians under Ivan the Terrible used to watch dogs being hurled over the Kremlin walls when the tsar’s mood was bad. Americans grown used to late-night insults tweeted at nuclear powers from the White House bedroom.”

They are all living a fantasy of WINNING!!! They are all nostalgic pretending they won the high school football game and married the trophy wife. They are pretending Jesus has blue eyes and blond hair. They are pretending John Wayne won the West. They are pretending to be war heroes and pirates.

Our Deep Spiritual Crisis: Are Satanists Now the “Good Guys” in the Fight Against Evangelical Right-Wing Extremists?

They are pretending they are great again. You want to know how fascist Germany with all its smart clever philosophers and scientists fell for Hitler and the Nazis?

They told and sold themselves a story. A heroic fairytale of bullshit about white people and being chosen by God. And they believed their own epic fantasy tale about a shared history and superiority that was not real.

That’s fascism. That’s how it works.


The Danger of American Fascism

Your friends and peers and neighbors are fascists pretending they share the greatness of Trump. That’s exactly how fascism happened before you were born and that’s exactly how it is happening now. Your FoxNews neighbor can’t get a hard on any longer but he can pretend he’s great while he’s yelling at the TV!

Trump’s job approval rating reaches all-time high mark among White People after his racist tweets about The Squad

The White People of Mystic Historical Fantasy WINNING!

Says MAGA right there on their hats, doesn’t it?


How Fascism Works: the Politics of Us and Them and its Normalization

The 10 pillars of fascism are, number one, a mythic past, a great mythic past which the leader harkens back.

Number two, propaganda. There’s a certain kind of fascist propaganda where everything is inverted. The news is the fake news. Anti-corruption is corruption.

So, three, anti-intellectualism. As Steve Bannon said, it’s emotion—rage gets people to the polls. We got elected on “Lock her up!” and “Build the wall!” Hitler, in Mein Kampf, says you want your propaganda to appeal to the most—to the least educated people.

Number four, unreality. You have to smash truth. So, reason gets replaced by conspiracy theories. I first started writing, got out of my academic shell in 2011, when I wrote a piece about birtherism, because I saw conspiracy theories coming, and that’s a deeply concerning sign. Unreality. So, you smash every—smash truth, so all that remains is loyalty.

Hierarchy. In fascist politics, the dominant group is better than everyone else. They were like the loyal—the great people in the past who deserve respect just for being them.

Victimhood. In fascism, the dominant group are the greatest victims. The men are the greatest victims of encroaching feminism. Whites are the greatest victims of blacks. Germans are the greatest victims of Jews.

Law and order. What are they victims of? They’re victims of the out group, who are criminals. What kind of criminals are they? They’re rapists. Sexual anxiety.

Pillar nine is Sodom and Gomorrah. The real values come from the heartland. The people in the city are decadent.

And pillar 10 is ”Arbeit macht frei“—work shall make you free. The out group is lazy. They’re not just criminals; they’re lazy. And social Darwinism. It’s all about winning.




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