What Conservatives Know About Climate Change Liberals Don’t

We Made Climate Change Documentaries for Science Classes Way back in 1958 So Why Do Folks Still Pretend Not to Know?

by Naomi Klein edited by O Society September 16, 2019

Obama Presided Over Largest Increase in Fossil Fuel Production in US History

What I mean is the reason there is such widespread denial of the reality of climate change with power brokers in the Republican Party, and certainly within very right-wing, free market think tanks, is they understand if the science is true, then the political or economic projects they hope to advance, which is a radically deregulated market, must come to a screeching halt.

By 98 to 1, U.S. Senate passes amendment saying climate change is real, not a hoax

Climate change is true. So it does mean we need to intervene very seriously in the market. It does mean we need to regulate corporations in a way governments were unwilling to do for the last 40 years. We have to place severe limits on further expansion of the fossil fuel frontier if we’re serious about this. It means we can’t develop new fossil fuel reserves and we have to manage a transition away from fossil fuels with existing production. This requires managing the economy, it requires planning, it requires major investments in energy, public investments, major investments in public transit. These things go against all of the economic trends of the past 40 years where we’ve been defunding the public sphere on so many fronts.

Trump acknowledges climate change — at his golf course

I think the right understands this, and therefore chooses to deny reality. Whereas one of the things we see on the liberal side is, instead of denying the science, they deny the implications of the science. I would put the New York Times columnist Paul Krugman in this category, where he’s written so many columns about how easy it is to deal with climate change. We can do it and we’ll barely notice. I think people should understand tit is a more fundamental challenge.

Nancy Pelosi calls the Green New Deal ‘the green dream or whatever’

For decades, there was a huge emphasis on these just small consumer changes you can make. It created a kind of dissonance where you present people with information about an existential threat and then say, “Well, change your light bulb,” or, “Drive a hybrid.” You don’t talk at all about public policy. And if you do, it’s a very tiny carbon tax and that’s going to do it.

He Blames His Orange Appearance on Light Bulbs in an Echochamber Friday the 13th Babblerama

Then I think there are some liberals who do understand the implications of climate change and the depth of change it requires from us. But because they believe humans are incapable of this kind of change, or at this stage in human evolution, I suppose, they think we’re basically doomed. I think contemporary centrist liberalism does not have the tools to deal with a crisis of this magnitude, which requires this serious level of market intervention. And I worry it can lead to a kind of a nihilism around climate crisis.

Exxon Knew about Climate Change 40 years ago

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