Delusion. Conspiracy Theory. Mental illness. Tinfoil hat. Where does sanity end and crazy begin?

by O Society September 25, 2019

I do not know. I believe the US government narratives about many things are fabricated lies. From Russiagate recently to JFK before my time to the sinking of the Spanish Maine way back before any of our time.

American exceptionalism makes us think we are unique. We don’t get propaganda dropped on us, why that’s something which only happens to Communist countries, such as Russia or China. Everybody knows that!

Except everybody is wrong. Just like everybody is wrong about the Bible and Christianity supporting American exceptionalism, guns, and capitalism. The Bible’s got nothing to do with America because America didn’t exist then!


Everybody is wrong about Freedom/ Democracy/ Capitalism/ The American Way being infallible and being the best in politics and economics no questions asked ever.

It is a lie we tell ourselves to feel good about the terrible things the American government does. The genocide of the Native American Indian is every bit as horrific as the Nazi genocide of the Jews during the Holocaust. The enslavement of the Africans in the US is every bit as horrific as the Romans enslaving the Jews in Biblical times. America simply is not “the good guy” in all situations we pretend to be. That’s Hollywood. Real life is littered with atrocity they sort of intentionally gloss over here in our public schools.


The further I dig, the worse it gets. I didn’t pay much attention in history class or civics class or whatnot in school because it sounded like bullshit to me. Now I am learning why it sounded so fraudulent. Because the house of cards America the Great Exceptional Country is built upon begins collapsing almost immediately once we begin to look for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I cannot find it. I cannot find the truth about most of it. What I can find is a mountain of lies which crumble upon skeptical scrutiny.

Begin at the beginning of the 20th century. The sinking of the USS Maine. The official story stinks. Someone did something to get this war started. Hence, we know the lies go back at least as far as 1898. Whodunnit? I don’t know, but the US government sold a lie to its own people.

Who’s responsible for this kind of subterfuge?  I don’t know specifically. We do know people like the Koch family made huge fortunes working for both Stalin and Hitler. That’s right. Koch oil refineries. To help the war efforts in Germany and Russia. Playing both sides. Their story stinks.

So we learn to ask cui bono? Who benefits?

If we follow the money, we won’t be correct 100% of the time because no method is infallible; however, following the money gets us much closer to reality than reading the headlines of the articles in our Facebook or Twitter feeds the way most folks do, now doesn’t it? Damn right it does. Critical thinking skills engaged.

JFK was assassinated. Why and by whom? I don’t know. But smart folks such as Bertrand Russell smelled out a bunch of bullshit in real time about the official narrative the American people were sold because it stinks.

Take the assassinations of MLK, Malcolm X, and Huey Newton. Whodunnit? I don’t know. I wasn’t there. However, it sure as hell looks like US government agencies such as the CIA and FBI played a significant role in getting these black leaders of the Civil Rights movement murdered. Stinks like dookie.

Look at 9/11. Did the Saudis do it? Osama bin Laden was Saudi and his father was the biggest real estate construction tycoon in Saudi. He was connected to money, not just some impoverished hermit eating crickets in a cave. The CIA helped Osama bin Laden build those caves he made the terrorist videos from in Tora Bora. The CIA trained bin Laden in how to do stuff. Something stinks

Did you know there was a third building WTC 7 blown up on 9/11? I didn’t until yesterday. Why isn’t this common knowledge? Something stinks

What the hell is a conspiracy theory anyway? I mean the definition? Is it anything which contradicts the official narrative sold by the US government? Is this what gets the label? Any story which doesn’t stink like bleach sanitized for your protection?



Did you know your United States government actively supports Nazi government in Ukraine? Not closet basement alt-right internet trolls, but rather real live self-described Nazis running the country and your government is on their side helping them? Yes, we do. One of ’em just got arrested by the FBI. Your tax dollars at work supporting definite obvious white supremacist terrorist Nazis. This ain’t your grandfathers’ Captain America any longer.


^ These ^ references linked above are all from publicly available reliable sources. NYTimes. PBS. NPR. Wikipedia. And so on. This information doesn’t come from some crazy uncle Benny with string and photos up on a bulletin board in his basement putting together how the reptile alien people infiltrated the government. Uncle Benny needs his meds ’cause he’s delusional schitzo man. Nope…

No. This info is not controversial. It hides in plain sight. It lives in reliable places from real people who aren’t crazy and who ask basic questions about fundamental principles and relationships.

When people say they hate the government… well, once you start catching on to the evil heinous shit the US Government is doing in the name of “Freedom and Democracy,” how can you love these people? They are liars, murderers and thieves running our government for the most part for at least the last century. I dunno how corrupt and how bad it all is. All I can tell you is I’m not stupid, I’m not crazy, and the more layers of the onion I peel back, the more rotten shit I see at the core of the American Dream.

What if we aren’t “the good guys” at all? What if that’s just an alibi, a cover story we tell ourselves? What if Christians and Democrats and Republicans are every bit as bad as Nazis and heathens and Vikings and Muslims and Communists?

I feel like I am in an episode of the Twilight Zone. It just keeps getting worse the more questions I ask…

I don’t get solid answers. What I get is a bunch of bullshit and it stinks!

Please keep in mind, I do not claim to know what happened on 9/11/2001. All I can tell you is I was in NYC about two weeks before the explosions and saw the twin towers in person. They are not there now. So I know something happened to them, but it is not clear exactly what.

Because Dubya and his band of Crusade idiots did a bait and switch, trying to blame the whole thing on Saddam Hussien and Iraq, we know there is some subterfuge and deceit going on here. It wasn’t Iraq or Iran, it was the Saudis and perhaps Israel too.

Maybe even PNAC had something to do with it, though I hope Americans wouldn’t blow up our own people… I hate to think… but then Cheney and Bolton and Rumsfeld and the rest of the neoconservative crew strike me as batshit crazy ideologues, so it could be so.

The point is with JFK and MLK and 9/11, the official narratives we get from the government smell an awful lot like bullshit and I feel confident there are many lies involved. However, this is different from knowing what exactly really happened and whodunnit.

I am not special and so have no special insider knowledge about these events. I remain skeptical and agnostic. I simply don’t know and do not feel the need to make up a story to tell myself about all of this to make myself feel better about it.


2 thoughts on “Skeptics’R’Us

  1. From listening to the “whistle-blower” testimony, we’re supposed to believe that all disagreement over policies, all political dissent, is being manufactured by “foreign players.” If not for their “influence,” wouldn’t we Americans all think the same, all have the same political views? Without “foreign influence,” they imply, there would be no political dissent, no criticism of our political oligarchy. The solution, then, is to impose draconian censorship… right?


  2. The solution the powers that be are going with these days is to scare people into a narrow range of allowed thought and debate, then the public is supposed to fight vigorously amongst ourselves within the confines of this small window. So the answer to your question isn’t outright draconian censorship, it is instead to get people to self-censor their own thoughts by making the box small.

    In this way, Americans can think the prescribed thoughts and still believe we have a free debate about it, although we can’t. The Nazis in the Ukraine. Go talk about that somewhere. Ask why the hell the US supports Nazis financially and militarily in the Ukraine.

    Nobody will listen because they will only discuss the talking points they’ve been taught to discuss. The terms are framed as Trump vs Biden in Russiagate part II the Misadventure Continues. It’s a reality TV show and it’s a lame rerun at that.

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