A Mantra to Protect the Mind

by O Society September 28, 2019

Hello all. As you know, I purposely do not disclose much about myself here.

However, I will say this much. There is a person called Scott Preston. He’s one of our O Society people here, a friend. I believe his kidneys are failing and there may not be much time for him left to be with us.

Therefore, I ask anyone who reads this to do something simple. Just say a little prayer. It is a mantra called the Green Tara mantra. Goes like this:

Om ta-re tu-tare tu-re so-ha

For anyone who wishes to do something like this, Green Tara Mantra is a good one for protection and healing which is simple to remember and easy to chant.

Om ta-re tu-tare tu-re so-ha

No need to be a Buddhist or even believe prayers do anything to chant. The purpose of the mantra is to protect the mind by giving it something positive and peaceful to do rather than being overcome by fear or anxiety. Just dedicate it – as in set your intention – to be helpful to Scott Preston.


Om ta-re tu-tare tu-re so-ha

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