It’s 100°F Where I Am On October 3rd – That’s Never Happened Before

How ’bout you?

by O Society October 3, 2019

Lady on the radio says according to the Farmer’s Almanac and NASA and historical records downtown whatchamajigger it has never been 100°F on October 3rd before.

Now it is.

Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?


3 thoughts on “It’s 100°F Where I Am On October 3rd – That’s Never Happened Before

  1. What actually happened is that Democrats had picked “climate change” as their 2020 campaign theme. This summer, we were treated to a rerun of the late ’60s “ecology movement,” which had culminated in 1970 with the first Earth Day. The discussion — and the work — to reduce climate-changing pollution has been ongoing, and international. Some scientists say it’s too late, but we’ve heard that we’re 10 – 20 years from environmental collapse for decades. Who knows? And if it’s true this time, what should we do? Stamp our feet and wave our arms? Tomorrow is another working day, and millions will get in their cars to drive to work, burning ships-full of fossil fuels, and life goes on.


  2. We don’t do revisionist history here. What actually happened is at least as early as 1958 we knew burning fossil fuels causes a build up of CO2 in the atmosphere which traps heat and raises the temperature of the planet earth. Here’s a public service announcement from 1958 that says it plainly:

    What actually happened is since at least this time, people knew about the green house effect, taught it in school _ I learned about it in regular public school and then again in college, yet most people chose to pretend it isn’t real and to lie to each other about it.

    Now the bill is due and it’s going to be paid, like it or don’t, nature doesn’t care. It isn’t a secret and never has been. You can’t cheat the laws of physics and chemistry and biology.

    So now we’re all fucked. Congratulations. You win.


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