Entitled Douchebag Shows Off Car She Just Wasted $3 Million on to Adoring Bootlicker Fans Who Can’t Afford Gas

If news articles reflected the truth instead of being native advertising for paid “influencers” peddling their social status symbols and boobs in hazmat DOC orange

edited by O Society October 7, 2019

Kylie Jenner is showing off the new sick ride in her driveway, but the new whip is so expensive it has some fans calling for her to give that money to people in need.

Jenner, who is one of the youngest Billionaires who ever lived, has every right to buy whatever car she wishes is too vapid and ignorant of history to understand the phrase “Let them eat cake!” She is a successful entrepreneur, who by all accounts works very hard for her brands  is famous for being a useless attention whore who enjoys competing with her family members – the whatchamajigger reality TV game show people – to find out who can take off their clothes in public the fastest for cash and prizes.


But, Kylie just posted video of a brand new Bugatti Chiron. For those who don’t know cars, this is a $3 Million rare car which you can’t just buy in a store. It’s upkeep alone can cost hundreds of thousands a year.

Fans are upset…and they are letting the make-up mogul make-believe blow-up sex doll hear about it in the comments of her Instagram post.

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When Houston meets LA .. 💛 @playboy #ComingSoon

A post shared by Kylie ✨ (@kyliejenner) on

NUDE Photo Shoot With Travis Scott Is BREAKING The Internet!

The craze is such the picture witnessed as many as 12.4 million likes and 132k comments!

“How can people justify buying more cars then they possibly need when there are people out there who can’t eat! Like I get it’s your money and you earn it but HOW do you justify not doing good with it I just don’t get it. They money you spent on this you could of fed a village for a year at LEAST,” one person commented.

Another commented, “Oh yay! Another new car! Meanwhile there’s people struggling to make ends meet and feed themselves. I’m happy for her but damn when is enough enough?”


Kylie had an interesting week, first publicly announcing the split with her baby daddy Travis Scott, then being scene near Ex-BF Tyga on several occasions.


Tyga shows his new gold teeth

Speaking of cars, one of the Ferraris in her driveway was actually a gift from Travis.

It’s unclear if the car is new, or just a rental… a product placement plant, but her fans are letting her hear about it.


“oh wow another car….:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: use some of that money to help peoples ffs so much you guys could be doing… building/fixing schools, helping homeless peoples ,sponsor some kids… the list goes on and on and on,” another fan responded.

Kylie’s list of rides is long and distinguished, it includes two Range Rovers, a Rolls Royce, a Porsche, a Lamborghini, and a Ferrari and possibly a palanquin made out of the souls of Siamese kittens and their owners.

Kylie Jenner Exposes Her Bare Butt in Raunchy Photo for Her Kylie Shop T-Shirts

BREAKING NEWS!!! This just in…

She deleted the car video from social media because…  reportedly the new Buggati won’t fit in this 24K gold garage shaped like Travis Scott’s head.


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2 thoughts on “Entitled Douchebag Shows Off Car She Just Wasted $3 Million on to Adoring Bootlicker Fans Who Can’t Afford Gas

  1. Jenner is nothing more than yet another example of mindless shilling with zero limits – with a scope of (klepto/pluto)cracy visions. Even in an era where the masses can easily find out how badly we’ve been had, some plastic bitch can still plaster unimportant belony towards the eyes of the others.

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  2. Indeed. The problem is we are in a Pied Piper situation. These so-called “influencers” set the trends for fashion and music and behavior, which the herd follows. Rappers with gold teeth babbling on in robot voices about their bitches and hos, and their rides and guns, and their kicks and dicks, all for the love of money. Hollywood plastic botox women made of boobs and Daisy Dukes doing anything and acting like anything, all to get attention. This is who the herd follows as in monkey see monkey do. It’s going to lead us all to planet doom if something meaningful is not done to change the path we’re on collectively.



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