Hollywood MILF Arrested for Allegedly Having Sex with Teenagers and Buying ’em Booze & Drugs – Echochamber Friday

Hello there and welcome to Echochamber Friday, when we intentionally lookit stories in our newsfeed we’d otherwise ignore to avoid getting caught in the spectacle for the sake of sanity and what not. Here’s today’s story ‘PREYED ON KIDS’ Twisted mum, 47, ‘had sex with her son’s two 14-year-old pals while plying them with alcohol and drugs’

by O Society October 16, 2019

And yes, it is Wednesday rather than Friday. We lookit the echochamber anyway. OK, so let’s dispense with the obvious “hot takes” cliché we no doubt will hear in cases such as this, not to amplify the volume but rather to just get it over with. My first impression was, “She looks like Kim Basinger. She can come sexually abuse me anytime.”

Meet Amalia Utz, and of course her mugshot is in the header.


Now the canned reaction from men is going to be this, “You can’t rape the willing. She’s every fourteen-year-old boy’s fantasy.” And you’re not wrong. How-EV-er, we should lookit this situation below the surface-level spectacle if we really mean to understand it and get something out of hearing about it, right?

Stacey’s mom, Stifler’s mom, we’ve celebrated this story before, haven’t we?

Shall we dust off Ms. Robinson?

To state the obvious, the average American man gets his many of his archetype ideas of sex and icon women ideals from watching the movies. TV. Hollywood. Porn. We all know the drill. Ginger or Mary Anne?


The correct answer is, of course,“Both, and throw in Marcia Brady so I can have all 3 flavors!” It’s a false dichotomy.

Anyway, compare the header image to the one below of Kim Basinger, and there it is, separated at birth. Amalia Utz looks like a 47-year-old version of this photo of Kim Basinger taken at 63, amirite?


Now we’ve gotten this out of the way, if you are a 47-year-old man (and I might be in this ball park), then Amalia Utz looks just like the stereotype Kim Basinger we were taught to worship in the ’80s, and this is why we’ll pay attention to this story, and pretend we’re interested in morality while we do so.

kim basinger- africa.jpg

Kim Basinger age 47 in the 2000 film Out of Africa

But what if… what if we are actually interested in the actual morality of this actual situation? Not the stereotypes stereotype images we are systematically taught to think in, in our current version of today’s American society. What if?

As in think outside the box. No, the real one. We are not virtue signalling each other here; not here to publicly condemn or castigate this woman (and the teenagers).

What is really going on here if we are brutally honest with ourselves about our feelings and morality and this situation?

Is it as a man, I don’t really have a problem with this sort of thing because this is what I have been taught? Seriously. I have been taught to go after the Kim Basinger woman, – and don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about this teaching – I like it, like it so much the idea is some sort of reproducible icon which is cause for celebration. Something I have in common with my fellow man? A shared bond between us?

If so, then what we realize is our sense of morality – right and wrong – is not so much grounded in real absolute values, but rather it is a convention. Exactly, there isn’t much obvious right and wrong going on here so much as what’s going on is as a society, we’ve decided to reach an agreement, in principle, an adult having sex with a minor is a bad thing. Legally speaking, go to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

Amirite? Thing is, the convention agreed upon by the people of California is the age of consent is 18 years. Where I live, the convention agreed upon is 16 years old. Why the difference? Hell if I know. First thing which jumps to mind is they make a whole lotta movies in Hollywood, so there’s this thing about not having minors under the age of 18 appear in pornography. They make movies where I live too, I know because I’ve been in a couple, I’m not famous and don’t want to be, but sometimes you are in a certain place at a certain time and you get 15 seconds of fame as an extra or something in a movie. No big deal, unless you start taking your clothes off or something sketchy.

So the truth is, it isn’t clear why the age of consent is 18 in California, yet 16 where I live. It’s more than just movies, because movies are filmed in both states regularly. So what’s going on here?

Yes, I know Amalia Utz is being charged with sex with 14-year-old boys, who are under the age of consent – what’s called “jailbait” in the vernacular – which technically is illegal in both states, and all the other states in the US. Convention says this is against the law. This is not the debate here. This question is already answered. What isn’t answered is why does this sort of thing seem “bad” if girls are involved with an adult male, yet “good’ if boys are involved with and adult female?

Here’s Amalia Utz having a margarita with a guy who looks more her own age. She’s a vixen and he’s a silver fox. They are at a movie theater. No red flags. No lines of cocaine on the table top or anything obvious. Looks like a perfectly normal date, right? Right. But what’s this guy doing?


Yes, he’s got his hands together in a prayer posture looking at Amalia, so maybe he’s praying he’s going to “get lucky” with her after the movie and drinks, right? Again, perfectly normal situation. Not judging anyone for doing anything. Looks to me like she’s probably had collagen injected into her lips, but it is LA. So has everybody else in LA. Collagen and who knows what. She’s 47 and looks great, and I’m guessing she’s had a little surgical help in getting this way. No big deal. Again, not judging. But what’s he doing?

Right, I don’t know for certain, but my guess is the guy bought her some drinks and paid for the movie and maybe dinner and who knows what? All the Sherlock Holmes movies aside, it’s hard to tell much by deductive reasoning based solely on a single photo without convincing ourselves of a story which just might not be true. Agreed?

OK, so the guy is doing what guys do to get a woman to have sex, right? Buy her a couple drinks, alcohol lubricates the brain, relaxes some inhibitions, right? Classic story, wine and dine the lady. Thing is, this is what Amalia Utz did with these fourteen year olds. She bought them some drinks, maybe some weed, who knows. Same thing, entertainment, movies, parties… the scenarios are much the same.

So why is it OK for man who is 47 to do this with a woman who’s 47, yet is isn’t OK for a 47-year-old woman to do with a 14-year-old man/boy?

I’m not sure. I am (almost) sure the 14 year old enjoyed it and considers himself fortunate rather than exploited. So presuming both Amalia and this 14-year-old high school kid consented and enjoyed it, what’s the problem?

Who you got… Princess Bride or Mulholland Drive?

It’s much more difficult to answer this question and I don’t claim to have the answer. Certainly people can hit puberty and not be emotionally mature enough to do sex responsibly. This happens to most all of us, right? We get boobs and pubic hair and erections and menstruation and feeling, both sensory and emotional, and hell, let’s admit it we’re all mostly emotional nightmares when we’re teenagers.

What I’m saying to you all is maybe this lady took advantage of fourteen year olds. Maybe they took advantage of her somehow too. I don’t know. Not judging. What we are doing here is admitting there isn’t so much of a concrete Right and Wrong with a capital “R” and a capital “W” meaning obvious and universally agreed upon point of view to be had here.

Let’s be serious here and rigorously honest too. The legal statutes themselves say there are exceptions to be made for 12-15 year olds (meaning teenagers) if they are married. So how does marriage magically change someone into a responsible adult? Right. It doesn’t. These exceptions are made for cases where somebody got somebody pregnant and there was a shotgun wedding and so on.

Thing is, the people we derive our laws from – I mean originally back in the day – we get our philosophy and morals and government legal system from the ancient Greeks and the Romans who later copied them, Play-doh and SO-crates and those guys, right? So guess what they did?

Right. They said it is cool for adults to teach teenagers about sex (meaning hands on training) in a relationship called pederasty.

Again, not judging anyone here. I don’t really have a stone to throw at Amalia Utz, nor do I want to take a stone to the head meant for her. What I’m saying is it wasn’t obvious to the Greeks such as – Plato and Aristotle and Socrates – this sort of thing is illegal and immoral and I think to some extent, rather than crucifying or celebrating someone like Amalia Utz, you know, the spectacle, maybe we should take a minute to remind ourselves of how many things we do and have done and will do which aren’t so black and white, so obviously wrong everyone can see it easily.

Maybe a bunch of stuff we do and say is customs and conventions and agreements and a whole lotta arbitrary and room for nuance rather than cut’n’dry right and wrong. And I mean a BUNCH, as in most of it, maybe even all of it if we look at it objectively the way Mother Nature or the Greeks or “laws of the jungle”  or even the Bible looks at it.

Mmm hmm, the Bible is filled with strange sex stories sanctioned and blessed and orchestrated by God. Remember Sodom and Gommorah? The story which is supposed to damn homosexuals to hell? Did you ever ask yourself what happened with Lot and his daughters after God torched the place and turned Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt?

Maybe we should read it before we judge the Other… says here Lot’s daughters got him drunk and had sex with him and repopulated the place. This is what God said to do, it’s clear in Genesis 19: 30-38. God said do incestual rape…


Lot and his Daughters  

Again to be glaringly redundant, just so there is no chance of misunderstanding, I do not advocate sodomy, incest, pedophilia, or pederasty here. This is not the point. If a person has not yet reached puberty, then they have no business having sex with anyone. That is pedophilia. It’s bad. It’s wrong. Lock’em up.

But what if everyone involved has hit puberty and is trying to figure out what to do with their jiggly bits? What if everyone consents to the experience? No one is coerced or forced so it isn’t rape. No one is exploited in the sense of making porn or profit here. Legally speaking, a 14-year-old cannot give consent to sex, so we call it “statutory rape” meaning rape by statute. The legal statute says 18 in California. It’s illegal because the statute says so, which is a bit of a circular justification, isn’t it?

However, legal is not the same thing as moral. I believe war is immoral, as in killing civilians we don’t know and have never met, which is a part of war. Yet it doesn’t seem to be illegal. Neither the generals or the privates get locked up for doing it and we could make a case what they do is murder.

The point is we as a culture in America send mixed messages to everyone involved. On one hand, Stifler’s mom is the eponymous Mother I’d Like to Fuck (MILF). Is it wrong or isn’t it? I don’t know. Probably depends on knowing the exact circumstances of what happened, both retrospectively and prospectively, which I don’t know, and no one else does either.


Jennifer Coolidge teaches the ‘bend and snap’

As males, we are taught to idolize the fantasy embodiment of sexuality, such as Kim Basinger. and naming something as “taboo” makes the something even more interesting to us.

So there’s that. Then there’s the mom thing. It isn’t new. Electra is a Jung archetype to match Freud’s Oedipus trope on the subject.


And though the idea of having sex with or marrying our own father and mother is so beyond – Ewww! – most of us never have this thought in our heads (I haven’t ever consciously though about this in any case), the idea of having sex with someone else’s mom or dad isn’t icky at all really… seems natural, just as having children is natural in the first place.

Lookit what Americans do for porn. #1 is MILF and #4 is Step Mom


So the question remains, just what is it about this unconventional MILF/ teenage boy thing is so “wrong?” It’s hard to put your finger on, isn’t it? The very “wrongness” of it is what makes it so attractive to men in the first place. Could it be in at least some situations (certainly not all situations) having an early sexual encounter with an older woman can help awkward teenage boys learn about sex, how to do it, what pleases a woman, and so on? There going to learn it from porn you know; it’s free on the internet and accessible to everyone with internet access…

There are all sorts of types of love, is the problem this Utz situation mixes up erotic (desire) love with storge (familial) love? Does it leave these teenage boys confused as to who is their mother or something?

I don’t know. And that’s OK. Nobody has to agree or disagree with this essay. All it is designed to do us make us think, use our critical thinking skills. Stop with the scarlet letters and throwing tomatoes at this Utz lady for a moment and ponder, just what goes on in our heart of hearts, in the deep unconscious layers of our minds when we dream, both when we are awake and asleep.

7 thoughts on “Hollywood MILF Arrested for Allegedly Having Sex with Teenagers and Buying ’em Booze & Drugs – Echochamber Friday

  1. Again, not advocating for any specific position here. We’re not virtue signalling for social approval the way it’s done on social media. What we are doing is pointing out this “crime” is also celebrated.

    So-called “royalty” is all about arranged marriages between an adult and a teenager for the sake of politics and war allies and national interests isn’t it? Is it “noble” when a princess does it but not a common citizen? I don’t know, but it’s the kind of thing we see in Disney princess movies every day, isn’t it?



    1. Another issue that typically goes with out context is evolutionary mismatch. People these days are reaching puberty at younger and younger ages.

      This early sexual development first began happening with agriculture, probably related to increased levels of starchy carbs in the diet. The young age of puberty keeps getting pushed lower and lower, maybe as the starchy carb (and sugar) intake goes higher and higher.

      Hunter-gatherers, on the other hand, tend to reach puberty around age 18. The desire for sex and sexual activity, in that case, naturally go hand in hand and marriage follows shortly after. We forget how absurdly bizarre is modern society, including its effect on biology.

      On the other hand, we modern Westerners are also extremely prudish and sexually repressed. Even though sex itself happens later for hunter-gatherers on a traditional low-carb diet, sexual play (sometimes involving children) was often considered normal. That was true in some Asian societies as well. The idea of contact with genitals was not always taboo and in some cultures it’s a way of greeting.


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Indeed. Precocious puberty is on the rise. When folks say “Girls today don’t look like they did when I was a teenager” they are on to something.

    We know body fat correlates to onset of puberty. A girl who starves herself due to an eating disorder or one who lives in a third world country where nutrition is scarce can be delayed.

    We know girls with higher body fat composition can often reach puberty earlier as well, especially in food hedonist societies such as modern America.

    The reasons for this are not easy to ascertain. It is not as straightforward as fiber intake or fat intake or sugar intake alone. All of these correlate so it is a multivariate function.

    I do not know how much hormones in food matter. Supposedly farm animals in the US are no longer treated with growth hormones… yet I am not certain we can trust our capitalist agriculture industry to be honest about such things. They seem to be willing to lie about most anything which turns a profit and the USDA inspection system no doubt has its share of corruption like everything else these days.



    1. Sure. There are many factors. Hormones have been added to animal foods. And hormone mimics/disruptors are found elsewhere, such as in plastic containers.

      But the fact that precocious puberty began millennia ago indicates that the modern industrial diet has exacerbated a pre-existing condition. The agricultural diet alone in its traditional form dropped the age of puberty by several years. One of the reasons agricultural societies were able to out-compete hunter-gatherers is because they outbred them.

      Epidemiological/observational studies probably aren’t that helpful. There is the confounding factors of such things as hormones in animal foods and such. Besides what is in the meat, high-protein can be combined with high-carb or low-carb. Likewise, vegetables can be starchy or non-starchy.

      Also, lots of dairy in the diet even without added hormones causes excess growth. Dairy obviously increased with the agricultural diet. But dairy increased even further with modern factory farming that increased production immensely. Dairy has become cheaper and more accessible this past century, similar to what happened to high yields of grains especially wheat in the century before that.

      It’s hard to find good data on the keto diet at all, outside of treating specific health conditions: epileptic seizures, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, etc. But we know that ketosis is the single easiest and most effective method of losing weight and keeping it off. And we no how this relates to the hormone system, related to why hormones and hormone mimics/disruptors can have such an impact. Gary Taubes and others discuss endocrinology, the study of the hormone system.

      By the way, I’ve talked about the profound effect of the agricultural diet in a post about the agricultural mind. This particularly involves specific substances in wheat and dairy. It also involves substances found naturally but added at higher levels in modern industrial foods (e.g., glutamate). I didn’t discuss precocious puberty, though. But the thing is about these foods is that they alter so much about human biology in terms of development and functioning. It would be shocking if they didn’t affect sexual development.



    2. There is yet another factor to consider. It isn’t only how the human diet has changed but also how the farm animal diet has changed in concert. The early grain yield surpluses didn’t become consistent until the early 1800s. But here is the important part. Who first was fed a high-grain diet? Not most humans. Instead, it went to cattle to fatten them and humans ate the meat, animal fat, and dairy.

      Grain-fed animals, like grain-fed humans, are very different. For example, you get that marbled meat, which is the same thing that causes fatty liver in humans. That fat throughout muscle meat and organ meats make them taste good. But it is actually a disease condition, such that grain-fed cattle would die of short lives if they weren’t slaughtered.

      That isn’t necessarily the most relevant part for this discussion. Paul Saladino brought up an interesting point in the below video (42 min mark). Grain-fed cattle have higher levels of estrogen. It makes one wonder if grain-fed humans also have higher levels of estrogen. And just imagine what a human diet, as is the case with standard American diet, that is high in both grains and grain-fed animal foods.

      It’s long been understood that grains are a great way of fattening cattle and humans. And obesity is one of the central factors of metabolic syndrome, although the defining feature is insulin resistance. Insulin is another hormone that is important to not only metabolism and hunger control but so much else. Excess body fat is just an outward sign of deeper dysfunction. This is probably related to why “girls with higher body fat composition can often reach puberty earlier.”

      A large part of why they are fat and why their estrogen is high is likely going back to grains in their diet and in the cattle diet. Throw mass consumption of dairy on top of that and you have out of control growth starting earlier and earlier, that is to say precocious puberty.


    3. What we see isn’t only an increase of precocious puberty. Among the young, there are also skyrocketing rates of obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, etc. There is even now an obesity epidemic in infants. And type 2 diabetes, once called adult onset diabetes, is now common among the youth. What are all these other conditions directly caused by? A high-carb diet. Benjamin Bikman is an insulin researcher with much insight in this area, but I don’t know that he has discussed precocious puberty. Below are some info that adds to the discussion:


      “Women who began having menstrual cycles at age 11 had a 39 percent higher risk of developing gestational diabetes, new research has demonstrated. The study followed more than 27,000 women and observed that when menarche began at age 11 compared to age 14, women had a 39 percent higher risk of developing gestational diabetes. An increased risk, although lower, also occurred when menarche began at 12 and 13.”


      “Diet may also play a part. A study published online last January in Human Reproduction found that among a group of nearly 5,600 girls ages 9 to 14, those who drank more than 1.5 servings of sugary drinks such as soda, sweetened fruit drinks and sweet tea a day had their first period nearly three months earlier than those who drank two or fewer sugary drinks a week. This was independent of the girls’ BMI, how much food they ate or whether they exercised. And while the researchers clarify that it’s unclear why the consumption of sugary drinks may instigate early menstruation, it is safe to say there’s an association.”


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