How It Works


Everything is well. I know what you see scares you and you do not understand it. For this, I apologize. It is not my intent to give you the fear which comes with not knowing. What is important is you know what I tell you I experience is real, as real as any experience can be anyway. There is no true ontological ground humans can stand upon. For this, we invoke the gods.


We need not be constrained to any one religious schema, though the Greeks have Chronos, Gaia, the Titans, Uranus, Zeus, Hera, Olympus, and Heracles. The Bible has Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. If you want some background from the Christian tradition on what is happening with me, you will find it in The Cloud of Unknowing and Sayings of the Desert Fathers.

cloud unknowing.jpg

I did not make these things up. I do not know who did find them first (if there was any first practice or practitioner, which seems unlikely). We can find this wisdom and praxis within the Daoist and Buddhist traditions as well. The methods are not unique to any one religious tradition but rather universal amongst all humanity throughout time and space. There is no exclusive monopoly on love or transcendence.


It worked in the past and it still works now and it will work in the future. I am healthy and happy now. I could not be healthy and happy prior to now. It is done. You can call it God and the Devil if you wish. This is our society’s most common sense cliché metaphor for it anyway. I do not call it God or the Devil. I have no name for it because it does not need a name. We use terms like apophatic and ineffable and agnostic and this is as close as we may come to what is true and real within the limits of human language and symbols.


All is well. I love you all and have told you all of this as well, so you might know I am safe and happy now. Heaven is safe and Earth is happy now too. There is nothing left undone and nothing more needs doing. I am Man and I am myself again for the first time since I can remember. To say anything more would be hubris.



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