WWF Handicap Match: Trump vs Greta

It occurs to me many of us are not as familiar with WWF Wrasslin’ as we should be. Here’s how to understand this match


by O Society Dec 13, 2019

First, we all need to recognize the lowest common denominator of where we are, which is inside a wrestling ring with Donald and Greta.

Donald Trump Learned to Talk to Americans by Playing the People’s Champion on WWF Wrasslin’


Donald Trump took WSJ’s Monica Langley on a tour of his office in the Trump Tower in Manhattan. Among his memorabilia:  one of Shaquille O’Neal’s sneakers and a WWF World Championship belt.

So everybody trying to keep track of the exact number of lies and all this official sounding analysis miss the boat completely. All you have done is lend an air of legitimacy to a completely fake and rigged show.

Reality TV is not real, it’s Face vs. Heel.


What Did You Expect: Donald Trump Con Artist

Once we’ve accepted this is lowest common denominator – I mean really accepted it, such that expecting anything else ceases completely – we can see what is going on here.

Donald Trump don’t need no ideology or policy because Donald Trump got steel cage matches!!!

Second, do not respond to this manufactured drama by virtue signalling and becoming OFFENDED!!! You see, this Trump creature thrives on attention. Don’t give it to him, take away his ratings, and thusly, it’s bucket of water on the Wicked Witch time.


On the other hand, the more offended one gets, the more the Trumpets like it. Schadenfreude.

Thirdly, realize the template for news now is professional wrestling.

“Wrestling is a commercial formula the corporate owners of news outlets figured out works incredibly well. There is a simplified morality play where there is a good guy, who is called the baby face, and a bad guy they call the heel.

Relentlessly hype the bad guy. The heel is more important in wrestling and more popular than the face. The amount of tickets they can sell is a direct correlation to how much people hate the bad guy. You have to have a hateable heel in order to make the formula work.

This is how news works.

Reporters now regularly do the outraged hero, finger-pointing routine whenever they are within a mile of Trump. Jim Acosta’s confrontations with the president, for instance, seemed pulled straight from World Wrestling Entertainment outtakes. Trump’s whole presidency turned into a heel/hero promotion with Bob Mueller in the face role.

Trump fits like a glove into the commercial formula of all of this. That’s what’s fascinating about it. He actually makes more money for the MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times side than he does for Fox and the Daily Caller.

He’s a cartoon character who is a perfect heel. You have an utterly simplified political landscape. There are only two ways to be. You are either for this incredibly noxious figure or you are against him.

Packaged anger just for you.”

 ~ Matt Taibbi  


Now to the matter at hand

Greta Thunberg’s Subtle Clap-Back After Donald Trump Mocked Her Again on Twitter: ‘Currently Chilling’

To be clear, when you read this story, a response such as “What kind of man as president mocks a 16-year-old girl who has a disability? Disgusting!  Has Trump no shame?” draws you into the black hole of hate and anger. “The Dark Side” to use a Star Wars metaphor.

Don’t do it. Whenever you do this, Trump wins. It’s how he got elected actually. He does it to you on purpose to demonstrate his power over you to his cult. In this way, he can make you feel just as angry, hateful, and pathetically without soul as he.

“Lookit libitard frogs! I said Jump! and just looking how high they jumped!”

If you think of Donald Trump’s statements as anything above fart joke, finger circle made you look, kids on the playground projection level, then you’ve vastly over estimated what is going on and made a fool of yourself. Don’t do it.


dr manhattan.jpg


Greta’s response is perfect. She takes his power away by using his words as her own. Simply acting as a mirror without getting angry reflects Trump’s anger without even using his name. Just chill.

That’s right, the 16-year-old Swedish girl with Asperger is showing all of America how to do this because collectively as a society we are too stupid and emotional to handle a WWF wrasslin’ cliché formula. Congratulations!

trump time greta.jpg

Now here’s our Heel vs Face storyline we are supposed to throw furniture over:

Trump is mad because Greta won TIME’s person of the year award. So he projects his own need for “anger management” classes onto her. Child psychology. None of it is that interesting unless you are in elementary school and never heard of projection before.

Is Projection Our Most Powerful Defense Mechanism?

Remember the time Trump got caught putting fake TIME covers in his country clubs. For some reason TIME is a huge deal to him.

The bottom line is once you figure out how this political projection game works, the sheer repetition of it becomes dull and boring. Growing out of elementary school makes butt and fart jokes much less interesting too.

The meaningful question has nothing to do with Trump himself. Trump is boring.

The meaningful question is what does our collective response to Trump tell us about ourselves? How come so many Trumpets go in for hate, racism, petty “I know you are but what am I?” dialogue. How come so many non-Trump-fans keep the show running with knee jerk “I’m so offended!” responses.

The Birth Of Fuckery: How To Think About Donald Trump’s Lies

The meaningful answer is to recognize this and accept it rather than being outraged. By accept it, I don’t mean we can’t fight against it. We can. Greta shows the way. But we need to realize Trump isn’t an anomaly. Trump is All-American and represents the feelings of a huge swath of people among us right now, and they’ve been there your whole life, you just didn’t want to see ’em.


~ Chris Floyd

5 thoughts on “WWF Handicap Match: Trump vs Greta

  1. When someone can sell a banana stuck to a wall with Duck Tape for a lot of money, even when the original banana gets eaten by a performance artist and replaced, you know we have left the realm of reality and live in a performance universe, just as when people who know full well that WWF matches are scripted drama, they can still care who wins. Trump is entirely a creature of that universe.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As we’ve talked about so oten here, the root of all our current troubles is the false dichotomy.

    Us vs Them is the classic example.

    WWF wrassling is a cartoon Winstrol spectalcle version.

    Clinton/ Obama vs Trump is a political clown version.

    As soon as you take a side – either side – you’re lost in fantasy and delusion.


  3. Here Greta makes a tactical mistake by apologizing. The powers that be spin this to make it sound as if she is wrong and admits it..


    Don’t do this ever. Explain “against the wall” means to hold accountable. Do *not apologize for people misunderstanding you, Greta. The trolls will eat you alive if you allow them to interpret your words any way they want and you waste time clarifying the bullshit they manufacture.

    Don’t do the PC dance. Just don’t.


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