The Impending Ruling Class Mental Breakdown and Riot

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“Politics is that dimension of social life in which things on true if enough people believe them.” ~ David Graeber


by Glen Ford edited by O Society Dec 23, 2019


The outcome of the early primaries may erase Joe Biden’s “electability” luster and plunge the Lords of Capital into a panic in which all bets are off on what’s left of democratic liberties.

“When the ruling class believes it is faced with existential threats, they throw bourgeois democracy out the window.”

The catastrophic defeat of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in last week’s elections does, indeed, foreshadow what’s in store for Bernie Sanders if the U.S. ruling class believes the self-styled socialist has a real chance of winning the Democratic presidential nomination.

Although the Brexit dispute added deep and unique layers of complexity to the British electoral contest, the sheer magnitude of Labour’s loss to a discredited Conservative Party headed by the Trump-class clown Boris Johnson, is the result of a full-court, every-dirty-trick-and-lie-in-the-book campaign by British corporate media, working hand-in-glove with intelligence circles, the trans-Atlantic military industrial complex, and the pro-corporate wing of the Labour Party (“Blairites”), itself.

Sanders faces the same demonic alignment of corporate/media-national security forces in 2020, against an identical “Russiagate” backdrop that has, over the past three years, revealed the fascist face of late stage capitalism on both sides of the Atlantic.

If anything, Sanders is even more vulnerable than Corbyn, whose grassroots supporters controlled the Labour Party machinery. The Democratic Party is firmly in the hands of corporate servants who are dishonor-bound to bring down the self-styled socialist by any means necessary, to blunt the momentum of the super-majority issues he champions: Medicare for All, Green New Deal, living wage, free higher education, and a steep wealth tax.

Together, these measures would spell the death of the austerity “Race to the Bottom” regime that has been imposed over the course of two generations with the collaboration of both corporate parties. The corporate Democrats are, therefore, fully invested in Sanders’ demise, since it is their base that presents the greatest threat to the austerity regime — not Donald Trump’s race-obsessed deplorables, who threaten only Black, brown and Arab-looking Americans.

“The corporate Democrats are fully invested in Sanders’ demise.”

The popular anti-corporate groundswell must be strangled in its cradle, the Democratic Party base. Corporate Democrats are, therefore, the first line of the oligarch’s defense – along with Democrat-friendly media, who play defense for corporate and imperial interests 24/7, and the intelligence/national security services, which have been embraced by Russiagate-era Democrats. The Fading Corporate Hope, Joe Biden, stumbled onto a stage, warning: “Look what happens when the Labour Party moves so, so far to the left.”


Yes, look at the spectacle – in Britain and its most successful white settler colony. When the ruling class believes it is faced with existential threats, they throw bourgeois democracy out the window. The corporate media abandon all pretense of “objectivity” and non-partisanship (UK-US) and jump feet-and-mouth into the New Cold War to create a general hysteria (UK-US). Generals threaten mutiny if the left is elected (UK) and corporate-promulgated blacklists slander leftists as dupes of foreign powers (US-UK). Super-secret security agency operatives burst into glaring public view to spread alarm at foreign influence within the sacred imperial polity (UK-US) and are hailed as great defenders of “democracy,” even as their colleagues plot coups and proxy jihads around the globe. Anti-semitism becomes an all-purpose, silver bullet silencer of dissent (UK-US). 

4 thoughts on “The Impending Ruling Class Mental Breakdown and Riot

  1. The error made by media/liberals is in their vision of an impending “showdown,” perceived in a narrow “us vs. them” perspective.– labor vs. management, the rich vs. “the rest of us.”. They imagine the masses rising up to protect the advantages of middle class workers, within our our capitalist system. That’s not what’s happening in the Western nations. We’re rich vs. middle class vs. poor, workers vs. those who get phased out of the job market, liberals vs. the left. Usually, the bourgeoisie are simply unaware of the long economic deterioration in the West, resulting in a poverty crisis here and abroad. If they think of poverty at all, they appear to take it for granted that the poor are eager to race to the front lines to protect middle class workers, in hopes that some crumbs might trickle down. They’re wrong.


    1. There is a foundation of collective narcissism underlying all of this “civil war” talk, be it framed as a left-wing class struggle (such as bourgeois vs proletariat) or a right-wing identity struggle, (such as white nationalism).

      The feedback loop of media images and words on violent narcissistic groups hasn’t erupted yet, but is constantly threatened on TV and social media.

      All I can say is we should all be careful what we wish for…


  2. The American public is not capable of rising up against the ruling class precisely because an endless stream of images teaches us to celebrate the conspicuous consumption of wealth, thus make heroes out of those who consume.


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