Corporate Democrats Would Rather Lose to Trump than Violate their Pact with their Ultra-Rich Financial Patrons

by O Society Feb 7, 2020

Time to do the maths. More people voted for “Nobody” than voted for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The reason? Honest people aren’t motivated to vote for these criminal frauds, so we stay home instead.

2020 Vision: If Nobody’d Run, They’d Have Won!

Speaking of frauds, America loves ’em some conman! Trump now has the highest approval rating of any time during his regime.

This is Trump’s Best Week EVER

Do you think this is a coincidence, Nancy Pelosi hemming and hawing on impeaching Trump for 3 years, then waiting until the last minute in 2020 to finally do so?

Of course not. She knew impeachment and non-conviction would send Trump’s approval rating sky high just as it did Bill Clinton’s. She said so out loud more than once in the press where everyone was certain to hear her.

Democrats would face a backlash if they impeached Trump

So why’d she do it now?

We all know why. Because Pelosi and HillBillary Clinton and Obama and Biden and their ultra-rich oligarch financial patrons would much rather see Donald Trump reelected than see Bernie Sanders in the White House.

Nancy Pelosi and Her Husband Paul Own an Estimated $200 million in Assets

“Her financial-disclosure statements show her income places her in the top one-tenth of 1 percent of Americans (0.1%), which may surprise some in light of the pseudo-concern she’s expressed about income equality and wealth distribution.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, with her husband Paul, arrives at a State Dinner at the White House in Washington, DC on June 7, 2011. AFP PHOTO/YURI GRIPAS

The Lords of Capital are determined the Democratic Party will not nominate a capitalist-slayer for president.

by Glen Ford

I maintain a Bernie Sanders’ Democratic presidential nomination is totally unacceptable to the corporate moneybags who pull the strings in both political parties, thus the Lords of Capital decree Sanders must be stopped — by any means necessary.

Stop Sanders: the Year of the Long Corporate Knives

Never in U.S. history has a presidential nominee of one of the two corporate parties run on a promise to virtually wipe out a major sector of the ruling class.


This is exactly what is in store for the totally unproductive and parasitical health insurance industry under Sanders’ wildly popular Medicare for All legislation. Health insurance is a trillion dollar racket in this country precisely because the U.S. does not have a single payer health care system. Medicare for All would make private insurers mostly superfluous.

Bernie Sanders says the insurance industry’s workforce should be retrained to fill jobs to actually produce useful goods and services for society. However, without a captive population of consumers forced to buy overpriced and even worthless coverage, healthcare insurance corporations are doomed.

Although corporate spokespersons always tell the rest of us to roll with the punches in a merciless job market — as if the “creative destruction” wrought by capitalism is a good thing – the One Percent can’t take their own medicine. The Lords of Capital are determined the Democratic Party, which they own lock, stock and barrel, will not nominate a capitalist-slayer for president.

After three years of the distraction provided by Russiagate, the Democrats became the preferred presidential party for most of the ruling class. But the One Percent are quite willing to crush the aspirations of the 85 percent of Democrats who support Medicare for All. By hook or crook, they are determined to crush Sanders’ candidacy.

No sooner does my article post than Bernie Sanders fires off. Wall Street must be screaming for his blood. Drug corporation stocks plummet, as if it finally dawned on the pharmaceutical industry their super-profits from over-priced drugs might one day soon be wiped out with passage of Medicare for All.

What’s more, instead of pretending concern for the corporate losses, Bernie Sanders seems to revel in the over-priced drug purveyors’ pain: 

“The stock prices of massive pharmaceutical companies tumbled because we are pushing to make health care a human right for every American. Corporate greed has no place in health care.”

Bernie is absolutely unapologetic. Not only should we not mourn for the health insurance industry, nobody should shed tears for the drug companies, either. In America, higher profits for pharma corporations equals worse health care for the people.

The Rise of Trump is White America Dying

This campaign season will be a revelation and an education the Democratic Party may not survive. If their party is torn apart, it will be the work of its corporate masters, who would rather lose to Trump – idiot assclown that he is, Trump looks out for rich folks because he is one – than win with Sanders, the annihilator of whole corporate sectors.











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