And now for something completely different, a bit of verse, set to music

by O Society Feb 8, 2020



colors dance, blinding eye
Idunn’s golden apple, hangs from branches
I love her as I always do

“I am the little acorn,
who becomes the mighty oak!”
I call to her, or at least her vision

in spirit, she smiles
turns her head and giggles
the woods alive
with the smell of her body
and warmth of her sound
Sif’s wheat fields
Hecate’s magic wheels

then ever so slowly
one by one,
leaves dry,
and fall
to the ground
leaving my
heart buried
in a mound
of crackling papers

the Dryad
Have you seen her?


inspired by this raku Erlenmeyer flask from The Alchemist’s Pottery



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