The Oscars: And the WINNER is…

by O Society Feb 9, 2020

Here it is ladies and genteelmen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

…and the Oscar for Best Actor on a White Supremacist Reality TV or Radio Show goes to…

This homeless addict who got up from behind the dumpster and walked in off the streets earlier to explain the mothership is here – come to beam us all up to Rushtopia! the believers anyway – he knows so because the cyborg implant in his skull gives him a direct line to the Hive Queen in Battlestar Galactic Command HQ at all times…

…BTW, that’s a niiiice suit with the brass buttons they let him borrow for the festivities to get his costume jewelry, ain’t it folks?

Why we haven’t seen a spectacle this grand since OJ was inducted to the Hall of Fame for the Great White Bronco Chase or Pete Rose made it after hawking all those baseballs on QVC – Huzzah I say!

rush gang sign

And just lookit him go! There he is throwing out gang signs to all his drone homies down in the boondocks mobile home communities of Shangri-La Trailer Parks & Gardens, folks.

Don’t forget to take your OxyContin and Marlboro Reds before you go to bed tonite, kids. And buy lots of gold coins and home security systems because there’s thug spooks under your bed and gay communists in your closet, Amen!



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