Removing Trump From the Equation Does Not = Utopia

by Caitlin Johnstone edited by O Society Feb 14, 2020

New Hampshire primary election results, much like the Iowa caucuses, show Bernie Sanders doing worse than polls anticipate and establishment favorite Pete Buttigieg doing much better than polls anticipate.


DNC Rigs First Presidential Primary Vote Results with Shadow, Inc App Paid For By Pete Buttigieg

Buttigieg closed at a tight second place behind Sanders and both awarded the same number of delegates, which with the bizarre Iowa shenanigans means the former South Bend mayor now leads the pack in total delegates despite receiving fewer votes than Sanders in both states.


Final polling average (RCP):
28.7% – Sanders
21.3% – Buttigieg
11.7% – Klobuchar
11.0% – Warren
11.0% – Biden

Primary results:
25.9% – Sanders (-2.8%)
24.4% – Buttigieg (+3.1%)
19.8% – Klobuchar (+8.1%)
9.3% – Warren (-1.7%)
8.4% – Biden (-2.6%)

Notice anything odd?

So of course,“Buttigieg leads” is the information the mainstream reinforces with emphasis now.

It is entirely possible we’ll continue seeing strange electoral results combined with mass media manipulation result in Buttigieg riding a contested convention into a superdelegate-boosted nomination, even if Sanders earns votes overall. We see no reason to believe Sanders will be able to secure the number of delegates needed to prevent such an occurrence, as HillBillary Clinton shows how its done in 2016.

NYTDelegates-1024x446.pngA New York Times analysis finds Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders are tied in the pledged delegate count, at 51 each.

Then you’ve got a racist Republican oligarch Mike Bloomberg jumping on the ballot come Super Tuesday, with his $300 million+ ad campaign throwing more chaos into the mix. Billionaire Bloomberg’s unprecedented campaign spending power enables him to push up just shy of second place in a recent Quinnipiac national poll despite  no redeeming characteristics and no real goal agenda apart from stopping Sanders, which is as clear an illustration of the power of money in US politics as you’ll ever see.

Whether it winds up being Buttigieg, Bloomberg, or one of their ideological alt-centrist clones like Amy Klobuchar or the floundering Joe Biden, the mainstream narrative will soon converge around one candidate in a very positive way, with the only important qualification being this person isn’t Bernie Sanders.

Many powerful people will do everything they can to prevent a Sanders nomination, whose presidency they oppose more than Trump’s. As journalist Matt Taibbi recently pointed out, the Democratic establishment has “every incentive to play every conceivable card. Trillions at stake.”


The primary argument used will be that defeating Trump is all that matters, even if it’s with another racist Republican plutocrat. If they succeed in sabotaging Sanders’ candidacy, he will help advance the same argument, as will a majority of his supporters. This argument will click perfectly in to a foundational assumption establishment narrative managers spent the last three plus years reinforcing, namely that once Trump is out of office, everything will be okay.

The premise everything will be fine once Trump is gone isn’t one people generally say out loud. They don’t even usually think it. But the fact that so many Democrats who were fine with the way their nation was being run on January 19 2017 suddenly became furiously critical of it on January 20th tells you that this assumption is at play. And the relentlessly Trump-centric liberal news media has only reinforced this unexamined assumption.

Things are not going to be okay once Trump is out of office. Do you know how I know this? Because things weren’t okay before Trump got into office. America was a murderous imperialist force whose citizenry were suffering under crushing austerity and steadily mounting authoritarianism on January 19 2017, and it remains so today. Certainly the current administration has added its own levels of nefariousness to this dynamic, but the same is true of its predecessors.

By this stage in his administration Bush had launched two full-scale ground invasions and implemented unprecedented levels of global militarism and Orwellian surveillance, while at the same stage Obama had already overtly destroyed Libya and was working on covertly doing the same to Syria.

Trump continues and expands the most evil neoconservative and neoliberal agendas of the previous two administrations and adds immensely depraved warmongering elements of his own, but you can’t even rightly argue he’s yet done anything quite so evil as what Bush did to Iraq or what Obama did to Libya and Syria.

Trump is not the quite the unprecedented presidential horror Democratic Party-aligned media spin him as, because Trump did not invent neoliberalism or neoconservatism. In fact, Trump’s one superpower is he has no ideology of his own, so therefore appears in the image of whatever you want him to be, for good or bad.

Imperialist elites dislike Trump not because he’s a uniquely dangerous president, but because he puts an ugly face on the things they were already doing before he took office and plan to continue doing once he leaves. The reason many rank-and-file Democrats dislike him is similar: he forces people to think about the evil things the US does as a nation.trump-chameleon

Most Americans can’t actually be bothered to fix any of these problems, instead people just want to stop thinking about them. In general, people are not interested in waking up,  people want to get an uncomfortable wrinkle out of the bedsheets so we can go back to sleep and forget the Trumpenstein nightmare once and for all.

John Mulaney does an under-appreciated bit at the end of his famous “There’s a horse in the hospital” routine comparing Trump to a horse running rampant in a medical facility, where he admits he just wasn’t paying attention to what was going on during the previous administration:

Or sometimes they go, “If you’re so mad at the horse, how come you weren’t mad when the last guy did this three and a half years ago? You’re beating up on the horse when the last guy essentially did the same thing five years ago.” First off, get out of here with your facts. You’re like the kid at the sleepover who, after midnight, is like, “It’s tomorrow now!” Get the fuck out of here with your technicalities. Just ’cause you’re accurate does not mean you’re interesting…

But when people say, “How come you were never mad at the last guy?”

I say, “Because I wasn’t paying attention.” I used to pay less attention before it was a horse. Also, I thought the last guy was pretty smart, and he seemed good at his job, and I’m lazy by nature.

I’m lazy by nature too. So I don’t check up on people when they seem okay at their job. You may think it’s an ignorant answer but it’s not, it’s a great answer. If you left your baby with your mother tonight, you’re not going to race home and check the nanny cam. But if you leave your baby with Gary Busey…

I think this is how most mainstream liberals feel, when capable of being honest with themselves. People felt like they didn’t have to pay attention to the things Obama was doing, and they want to go back to feeling this way. Even though the distance between a truly healthy society and what America was like under Obama is many orders of magnitude greater than the distance between what America was like under Obama and what America is like under Trump.

Wanting things to go back to how they were before Trump is wanting things to go back to the conditions which gave rise to Trump. The erroneous belief everything will be peachy keen once Trump is out of office is therefore more dangerous than Trump himself, because it guarantees more Trumps, and it guarantees the underlying disease of which Trump is a symptom will remain uncured.


Treating a symptom doesn’t cure the disease. Believing that getting rid of Trump will fix America’s problems is like believing cough syrup cures tuberculosis.

The disease is the oligarchic imperialist dystopia which is tormenting millions and controlling billions all around the world. A movement toward health doesn’t look like not having to pay attention anymore, it looks like the exact opposite: becoming fully conscious of all the ugliest and most unpleasant to look at aspects of the thing that America has become. It looks like turning and facing all the bloodshed, genocide, white supremacy, oppression, exploitation, corruption, and degradation which form the fibers from which the nation is woven, deeply ingesting and grokking into their reality, and then healing completely.


If the narrative managers succeed in installing Pete Buttigieg or one of his ideological clones, the temptation for millions of Americans will be to go back to sleep. But America won’t be any healthier. The coughing will stop, but the tuberculosis will remain. The sociopathic imperialist oligarchy will continue along the exact same trajectory, but the symptom of an oafish, incompetent, and ham-fisted president will be eliminated.

And that’s all any narrative manager ever wants. Their job is to normalize the empire’s depravity and keep its highly profitable murder and exploitation from awakening the masses. That’s why propaganda is so valuable.

I’m not interested in telling Americans whether they should vote for Trump or some centrist Democrat; the odds of four more years of Trump being more disastrous than four under President Pete are a toss-up as far as I can tell. But I do wish the malignantly simplistic belief eliminating Trump will solve America’s main problems could be expunged from human consciousness.







2 thoughts on “Removing Trump From the Equation Does Not = Utopia

  1. What we’ve seen, as reflected in liberal media, is a sustained resistance against any ideas or facts that might contradict the Democrat Party line, or cause one to question today’s bourgeois (middle class capitalist) ideology. Anything that contradicts this, is dismissed as “fake.” By this point, I question whether people seek to be informed, or merely seek confirmation and reinforcement of what they were already taught to “believe.”

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  2. There is no such thing as centrist stability in a polarizing economy. There is no “middle class” policy in an indebted economy polarizing at an accelerating pace as financial rentiers lord it over an indebted majority. This is why wage earners have lost their identity with the Democratic Party’s loyalty to Wall Street. Although Democratic politicians presents themselves as the only alternative to Republican corporate lobbyists, the DNC is a smoke-filled room of donors, packaged in identity politics – every identity except that of indebted wage earners. It is merely a diversion to focus on personalities and to claim economic reform is “divisive” because it may offend centrist voters such as the Democrats’ dream of attracting suburban Republican women.


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