“The Coronavirus is a Hoax”

“The coronavirus is a hoax… no wait, that’s my so-called ‘presidency.'”

~ Donald J Trump



We know a family in our neighborhood who are so stupid, they believed Donald Trump when he said the coronavirus was a hoax, just like they believe all his other bouts of verbal diarrhea.

So get this, these Trumpets bought airplane tickets and rooms at a resort and park tix to Disney World in Florida for a family of 7 for the whole week.

Thing is, the park closed the day after they arrived in Orlando due to the virus which they believe doesn’t exist. Now they’re out thousand$ thanks to their unwavering belief in their fearless orange leader. Stupid is as stupid does.

Walt Disney World is Empty and Closed


4 thoughts on ““The Coronavirus is a Hoax”

  1. I’ll say this for Trump, at least he’s not being a totally transparent, outright hypocrite and politicizing this virus.

    Hahaha…of course he his and it blows my mind that anyone with two firing brain cells left takes anything this guy says at face value. He’s just so blatantly full of shit but many people enthusiastically eat it up and eagerly await the next serving.


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