Coronavirus Information from the People Who Know

Unfortunately we cannot trust the information we receive from the American government as distributed though media corporations.

Fortunately we can get information from the rest of the world. This is the real deal from China in English.

by O Society March 22, 2020

Exhausted from weeding through mountains of misinformation, disinformation, agnotology, propaganda, marketing, and just plain self-serving bullshit to find what’s useful and real? Us too!

Hi all! A Chinese friend sent this information so we might know the methods used in China to stop the outbreak of coronavirus. Yes. There are O Society people in China.

These people have hard-earned experience in cooperation from battling SARS and so on as a society we do not have in America. As a result, the public health measures are tight. The Chinese simply are so much better at this than we are.

This is a PDF called Handbook of Covid-19 Prevention and Treatment which you can download or read on our website:

Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

This is a YouTube video called What to Do to Protect vs. the Virus:

Wondering how the coronavirus started and where it is going? Not from the cuckoos making up conspiracy nonsense to sell as hype and fearmongering, but rather a narrative from legit scientist? You’re in luck because we got this:

Nextstrain: World Consensus Scientific Narrative

We have watched and read these resources and strongly suggest you do as well.

Please stay safe and don’t panic and be mindful and remember we love you!

~ O

6 thoughts on “Coronavirus Information from the People Who Know

  1. It is so insane to see what is going on in the US.
    People on the news out there, going to bars, etc or to even hear politicians to even say this like Nunes did.

    I have read comments by idiots who state they are in no way going to obey any lockdown, or prohibition of their movements and social distancing and going out to bars, resturants, etc.

    I have seen videos of 20 somethings saying the same thing. And? One even stated she was immuno compromised and was right out with the crowds hugging and kissing on everyone. Then? They get infected, bring it home with them, give it to their family and loved one, and then? They get to spread it, and on and on and on it goes.And more people will get infected and die because of it that would not have been infected or died.

    Me? I have literally self quarenteened even though the odds of my getting it where I live? Is relatively small, but that does not mean it would or could change. We have had no infections from the start but now I hear some people have been infected cause they traveled to other countries and came back.

    I am well stocked, got almost all I need and do not go near people really sticking to the six foot rule.

    But the rest is insane. People hoarding, people fighting over this, people not caring really. Has our country sunk so low that it has come to this? I remember Katrina and how we helped each other. I remember 9/11 and how we stood to help each other and many other times, but it seems in the last three years? This has all totally changed and I am now living in the Twilight Zone of Trump.

    I hope something changes so we go back to helping each other and working together cause if not? We are done as a country.

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  2. When I was on Facebook years ago the first thing I learned was this overwhelming sense of how vast the number of people is who believe in this Cain’t Nobody Tell Me Nothin’ way of life.

    People believe whatever they want to believe. It was too much for me, so I left social media permanently.

    Now the chickens come home to roost.

    People’s willful ignorance is going to get a whole lotta people killed. It is the path America chose. So be it. Time to die.

    It wasn’t hard to see coming; nobody wanted to hear it. We reap what we’ve sown.


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