The End: Bernie Sanders Quits As Reagan Wins Again

Bernie quit. ^ This ^ is his official announcement video. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Presidential campaign is over.

by O Society April 8, 2020


Just as he was in 2016, a sheepdog for the Democratic party, herding “left-wing” voters back into herd formation, so Bernie is again in 2020.

Bernie Sanders is Not a Socialist… so is he a Sheepdog?

None of it matters now. The Democratic party is monkey see, monkey do, watching the Republican party’s every move for the last 40 years and copying. It has been this way since Ronald Reagan.


Bill Clinton and his “New Democrats” saw how big Reagan won over Mondale and the Demopublican party decided to ape his every move since. If you can’t beat’em, join’em.


“When Morpheus tells you to choose the Red pill or the Blue pill, Bill, tell’em you’ll take the White one.”

Bill Clinton’s Five Major Achievements Were Longstanding GOP Objectives

Every presidential nominee since Bill Clinton is a New Democrat. Including Joe Biden.

New Democrats Elected to Public Office

In other words, the New Democrats are really what we should call “Moderate Republicans” if we were being accurate rather than lying to ourselves.

Obama says He Is More Right-Wing than Nixon Was

Yes, including beloved the Barack Obama. They’re all right-wing deeply steeped in deregulation, privitization, and austerity.

Republican and Democratic Parties Reboot Two Santas Scam

There is no authentic Left-Wing in America.

Truth is many Democrat ‘Moderates’ prefer Trump to Sanders in 2020 White House race

Because the Democratic party is really composed of Moderate Republicans and the Republican party is really composed of Right-Wing Extremists now.

The Democratic Party aka The Inauthentic Opposition Party

So how did Trump win in 2016?

He aped Reagan too – with MAGA


A Culture of Cheating

To the Trumpets I asked this question – why did you vote for Trump in 2016? – all responded the same way, “BUT HILLLLLARRYYY!!!!”

Anyone but Hillary. Why we’d rather get coronavirus injected into our asses than have HillBillary! This is exactly what they told anyone who would listen.

How Everything Became the Culture War

Therefore, how is the Democratic party going to play 2020?

Easy peasy. They play it the same way the Republicans did in 2016: “ANYONE BUT TRUMP!!!”

“Trump is the anti-christ and we simply MUST, MUST, MUST vote for anyone but him. BUT HITLER!”

Same game as 2016. People in general – the masses – are too stupid to notice the game is the same, so on and on it goes…

Every US President since Ronald Reagan is a Neoliberal.

Neoliberalism: the idea that swallowed the world


And the simpletons and simple-minded sheeple of the herd continue going into pens where good domesticated animals belong most not even knowing what Neoliberalism is. We can’t be bothered to learn. WTF is economics?

Identity Politics: The End of Liberalism

For whatever self-justifications, the so-called “leadership” of human beings cannot suffer there to be any wild living beings upon the face of the earth. So they have exterminated these wild things and will continue to do so at all costs. Conformity or extinction.

World is on track to lose 2/3 of wild animals by 2020

What happened to all these wild animals in nature?

Easy. They were intentionally killed and replaced with domesticated animals – cows, horses, sheep, pigs, goats. If you’re really a good boy, you get to be a cat or a dog.

Now the domesticated animals make up almost all the living beings who remain in 2020. There is a rare wild human here and there, but for the most part, we are extinct too, for functional purposes we are anyway. Any wild person who pops his head up in public is decapitated by the leadership of the herd, surely.

This is how authoritarianism works, by making examples of those who would deviate from the prescribed narrative.

Fear is what is used to herd these domestic animals into agricultural production, which is is a nice sunshine way of saying charnel houses and sausage machines.

DemExit and RepExit = vote for anyone but Trump and Biden. That is what I will do.

Now I am no great fanboy of Michael Moore; some of what he says makes sense and some of it doesn’t, just like every other human being. He was right in what he wrote on July 21, 2016.

5 Reasons Trump Will Win

And I am right on April 8,  2020 when I write:

Joe Biden is the pick of the DNC just as HillBillary was in 2016, and Cool Joe Biden will lose to Donald Trump come November, just as HillBillary did. Unless there is some sort of economic crash and peoples’ revolt, in which case all bets are off.

In any case, I will not vote for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is never going to address any of these problems of poverty and authority because he represents the credit card companies. Literally. Joe’s going to tell you all to buy more tech on credit, which is a euphemism for leashes and collars.

Why? Because money.

Shut up. Know your role, Jabroni. Buy our stuff. Oil, guns, and money.

And so we will be sold anti-anxiety medication and told to drink more Budweiser by the Super Bowl commercials as Alexa (ahem, I mean Big Brother) infiltrates our homes with phones and cameras and assorted listening devices in your microwave.

Don’t say nobody saw it coming and no one warned you because I did in 2016 and I am doing so again now in 2020. Trump will win again unless we hit a Great Depression first.

Can Donald Trump delay an economic crash until after the 2020 election?

Now, remind yourself I wouldn’t piss on Donald Trump if he was on fire, much less vote for him, and neither would you. This is irrelevant to the final outcome.

I didn’t vote for HillBillary and won’t vote Dementia Joe either. This is irrelevant too. The real problem is Nobody won’t vote for them either.

2020 Vision: If Nobody’d Run, They’d Have Won!


The Intellectual Origins of the Trump Presidency and the Construction of Contemporary American Politics

Neither HillBillary nor Dementia Joe is going to motivate people to vote for them, and so Nobody will win again in 2020, which means 4 More Years of Trump. That’s 40+ straight years and counting of Neoliberal Voodoo Reaganomics, for those of us who count.

The New Democrat party eat their own. They ate Bernie Sanders. Remember this golden moment?


Barack Obama’s campaign team today accused Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff of mounting a desperate dirty tricks operation by circulating a picture of him in African dress, feeding into false claims on US websites that he is a Muslim.

No, knowing Joe knowing O “the Magic Negro” will not be enough. HillBillary knew Obama too.

Americans Wanted a Revolution, and Clinton’s Campaign Only Offered Us Obama 2.0

The Revolution is Cancelled. Again.


Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Why vote?

There is no hope in the Neoliberal Dempublican Repocrat duopoly.

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result…

Then our only hope is in a third party. Make that four or five parties. New ideas and new people. 

Hopefully it will happen before most of us are dead, but don’t count on it.

Inequality in a staggering divide generally requires a Great Leveler to heal as unfortunately, we humans are too greedy and too selfish to change on our own.

The End




3 thoughts on “The End: Bernie Sanders Quits As Reagan Wins Again

  1. Remember how we spent the eight years of the Obama administration pointing out that it was our last chance to repair the deep split in the Dem voting base, middle class vs. poor? There just wasn’t much public interest in doing that.


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