Pssst… If You Haven’t Figured It Out Yet, The Plan Is to Save Capital and Let the People Die

Your reality check is in the mail

by Hamilton Nolan edited by O Society April 13, 2020

Fantasize for a moment… imagine what if we could set aside politics and operate based upon common sense… or common decency… maybe even the common good.

What would the federal government do to best mitigate the devastation that this pandemic will visit upon human beings?

It would, first of all, provide free healthcare to everyone. It would distribute medical resources nationally based on the greatest need. Then, to protect people from the necessary economic deep freeze we are all in due to social distancing, the government would pursue measures that would get everyone through this time in one piece: It would subsidize the nation’s payrolls, so that workers could stay in their jobs and businesses could restart easily; it would suspend rent, for people and businesses alike; it would send everyone a monthly basic income to pay for necessities until this is over; and it would avoid allowing small businesses to go bankrupt, because those represent millions of jobs people need to return to.

These are all obvious steps to take if your goal is to protect humans. But imagine, instead, if you have an entirely different goal: protecting capital. What would you do then?

Well, you would prioritize the health of corporate balance sheets, rather than human bodies. You would keep the healthcare industry, now booming, in private hands; you would stimulate consumer demand via unemployment benefits, rather than by keeping workers on existing payrolls, in order to create an enormous pool of cheap and desperate labor; you would pursue tax cuts for the investor class; you would welcome the opportunity to allow debt to pile up on individuals; and you wouldn’t be too sad about small businesses going bankrupt—they are, after all, just ceding market share to bigger, richer businesses. You would use this crisis to create a greater, not lesser, concentration of wealth.

You would emerge on the other side with more, not less, inequality. The truth is, it would be easy.

Now, guess what the U.S. federal government is doing? It is allowing the unemployment rate to skyrocket, as tens of millions of workers are fired; it is allowing countless small businesses to go bankrupt, from incompetence and neglect; it has not even considered a national suspension of rent, nor a strong national policy of paid sick leave, much less a national system of free public healthcare; as millions of needy people struggle with decrepit and broken state unemployment systems and wait weeks or months for their emergency checks to come, and essential workers are forced to agitate or walk out to gain hazard pay, the administration  plots a new bill featuring a capital gains tax cut and “a waiver that would clear businesses of liability from employees who contract the coronavirus on the job.”

We are told we’re a nation at war. In real wars, we have higher taxes on the rich. This time, we are giving investors a tax cut.

Whether Americans know it or not, their government is not working for them. Their government is working on behalf of capital.

Human beings are now a mere second-order, instrumental factor to be considered based on how it affects capital. In this perilous time, capital must be protected and nurtured, and we must draw resources from our entire society in order to help capital survive, in the same way that the body will draw blood from other organs to save the brain.

People can be sacrificed—capital is irreplaceable.

We are navigating our way through this so capital comes out okay on the other side. It is no exaggeration to say tens or hundreds of thousands of Americans will die because we are choosing this approach, rather than an approach that prioritizes human life.

We will die because we did not dedicate resources before this pandemic to building an adequate system of public health care, and we will die because we made the decision during this pandemic to put the needs of capital first.

We did not keep working people on payrolls, because that would be less advantageous for the owners of capital. We did not nationalize factories, nor pharmaceuticals, because that would be less advantageous to the owners of capital. And of course we did not release the prisoners in the jails being ravaged by this disease. What would that do for the stock market?

When this is all over, politicians will stand up and say the heroes of this crisis are the doctors and the nurses and the grocery workers who kept going, because we needed them to. But this will not be true. Doctors are getting pay cuts because they are no longer making revenue for their employers with nonessential procedures; nurses are becoming sick and dying because we didn’t stockpile enough cheap plastic masks; grocery workers are forced to beg and plead and strike for a couple of dollars extra per hour, at the risk of their own lives.

The true heroes of this crisis – from the perspective of those in charge – will be the private equity firms who rush in to buy up distressed businesses, and the hedge funds that pour money into cheap debt, and the investors that scoop up the homes people will be evicted from. They are the ones who renew the blood of capital, you see. They are the ones who will rescue us. They are the ones who will shepherd our precious capital through this dangerous time, and into the promised land.


They will have earned their capital gains tax cut and legal protections and government bailout and their hefty profits. Where else do the ten million of you people who are now unemployed expect to get jobs after this? Hmmm?

Be grateful. Your willingness to work for very little after this means you may be valuable enough to make it profitable to not let you die.



5 thoughts on “Pssst… If You Haven’t Figured It Out Yet, The Plan Is to Save Capital and Let the People Die

  1. Flaw in the plan: “…it would send everyone a monthly basic income to pay for necessities until this is over.” Until what’s over? The quarantine? Wait until the more fortunate have all returned to their jobs, and resume denying basic food and shelter to our “surplus population” — those left jobless?As long as the middle class feel a measure of security, what else could possibly matter? No, because this obviously doesn’t work. The US has remained on a long downhill slide, and either we grow up and deal with these crises head-on, or we’ll all go down together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First, let’s reality check. It’s bad karma to wish bad things on people. Any people. So this is not what I am doing here.

      However, if we take it as given millions of humans are going to get this coronavirus, then it might as well happen to some famous people. What I mean is if you or I get it, off to the mass graveyard we go. No one will know.

      If Tom Hanks and Boris Johnson get it, all of a sudden people care. This is just how celebrity worship works in the US and UK.

      So perhaps Trump will get it himself? Who knows? Again, I’m not wishing harm on anyone specific. What I am saying is if some rich and famous people die rather than anonymous people, our society’s lasting reaction will be vastly different. N

      History is pretty clear: nothing much is going to change and last if it’s only Nietzsche’s superfluous masses who die. The economists and actuaries will just say it’s good to have the homeless and poor off the teat, and we all know it.


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