The Great White Grizzly Bear UPI edited by O Society May 22, 2020 A traveler on a highway through the Rocky Mountains in Canada captured video of an unusual local resident -- a white grizzly bear. Cara Clarkson says she and her family were traveling the Trans-Canada Highway in Banff National Park when they spotted the white bear and its darker-colored sibling. … Continue reading The Great White Grizzly Bear

Francis Collins: On the Origins of Coronavirus

by Francis Collins edited by O Society April 16, 2020 No matter where you go online these days, there’s bound to be discussion of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Some folks are even making outrageous claims the new coronavirus causing the pandemic was engineered in a lab and deliberately released to make people sick. A new study … Continue reading Francis Collins: On the Origins of Coronavirus

Orangutan with Legal Rights Begins New Life in Florida An orangutan called Sandra, who spent 20 years in an Argentine zoo, is being moved to a US nonhuman animal sanctuary after being granted the legal right to personhood and liberty. Lawyers won a landmark appeal for Sandra in 2014, arguing she is being detained in Buenos Aires illegally. by Almundena Calatrava edited by O … Continue reading Orangutan with Legal Rights Begins New Life in Florida

Ex Nihilo & Turtles All the Way Down

edited by O Society October 3, 2019 The following anecdote is told of William James. After a lecture on cosmology and the structure of the solar system, James was accosted by a little old lady. "Your theory the sun is the centre of the solar system, and the earth is a ball which rotates around … Continue reading Ex Nihilo & Turtles All the Way Down

De 德 Zhuangzi 莊子

edited by O Society September 23, 2019 19 Chi Hsing-tzu was training gamecocks for the king. After ten days the king asked if they were ready. “Not yet. They’re too haughty and rely on their nerve.” Another ten days and the king asked again. “Not yet. They still respond to noises and movements.” Another ten … Continue reading De 德 Zhuangzi 莊子

The Ethic of Reverence for Life

by Albert Schweitzer edited by O Society September 11, 2019 Excerpted from Civilization and Ethics (Part II of The Philosophy of Civilization translated by John Naish) Descartes tells us philosophizing is based on the judgment: "I think, therefore I am." From this meager and arbitrarily selected beginning it is inevitable it should wander into the path … Continue reading The Ethic of Reverence for Life