Hymn of the Earth: Musical Interlude

by O Society October 25, 2019 https://youtu.be/z80dyTAcFOQ Hymn of the Earth Under the boundless welkin, green hills bathe in the sunlight Breeze ripples. Cloud floats. Sheep jumps. Horse gallops Every creature enjoys the wonder of life. Everywhere is the music of life Warm sunlight pours down like summer rain, deeply sinking into soil This is … Continue reading Hymn of the Earth: Musical Interlude

Steppe Change: How Mongolian Rock Conquers the World

https://youtu.be/TVyyhHFKI8E Combining ‘a blend of east and west,’ the Hu find their way to 45million YouTube views with a smash hit debut album by Jim Farber edited by O Society October 24, 2019 https://youtu.be/-LYc06l2gGo The chant started long before the band took the stage. https://youtu.be/ck3X8aEL5jk “HU!! HU!! HU!!,” yelled the crowd, at escalating volume, for a … Continue reading Steppe Change: How Mongolian Rock Conquers the World

Susanne Langer on Creative Philosophy in a New Key

by Jessica Manuel edited by O Society October 14, 2019 “The secret of fusion is the fact that the artist's eye sees in nature... an inexhaustible wealth of tension, rhythms, continuities, and contrasts which can be rendered in line and color." ~ Susanne Langer Susanne Langer (1895-1985) in her 1942 book, Philosophy In a New … Continue reading Susanne Langer on Creative Philosophy in a New Key

Liezi 列 Waterfall

Heaven and earth operate without thought or purpose, through processes which are ziran 自然, so of them ­selves. Man follows the same course, through the process of growth and decay, without choosing either to be born or to die. Yet alone among the myriad things he tries to base his actions on thought and knowledge, to … Continue reading Liezi 列 Waterfall

The Wisdom of Trees

Walt Whitman on what our silent friends teach us about being rather than seeming by Maria Popova edited by O Society September 24, 2019 Hermann Hesse wrote in his lyrical love letter to our arboreal companions, “then the brevity and the quickness and the childlike hastiness of our thoughts achieve an incomparable joy.” Two generations earlier, a different … Continue reading The Wisdom of Trees

Do Human Beings Have An Instinct For War?

Many evolutionists believe that humans have a drive for waging war. But they are wrong and the idea is dangerous by David Barash edited by O Society September 22, 2019 There is something peculiarly — even paradoxically — appealing about taking a dim view of human nature, a view that has become unquestioned dogma among many … Continue reading Do Human Beings Have An Instinct For War?