Who was the Buddha?

by Alexander Wynne edited by O Society At Wat Doi Kham, my local temple in Chiang Mai in Thailand, visitors come in their thousands every week. Bearing money and garlands of jasmine, the devotees prostrate themselves in front of a small Buddha statue, muttering solemn prayers and requesting their wishes be granted. Similar rituals are performed … Continue reading Who was the Buddha?

Violence Is Sometimes the Answer

"I want to make it clear, however, although I am deeply opposed to war, I am not advocating appeasement. It is often necessary to take a strong stand to counter unjust aggression. For instance, it is plain to all of us that the Second World War was entirely justified. It "saved civilization" from the tyranny … Continue reading Violence Is Sometimes the Answer

How Mindfulness Morphed from Ancient Religious Practice into Corporate Tool

https://youtu.be/R49d4f5sEs4 "Breathe!” The contemporary white-collar worker is constantly exhorted. Capitalism drives us crazy and makes us sick. But whatever the malady — anxiety, hypertension, or trouble focusing at work — “mindfulness” is touted as the cure. interview with Ron Purser edited by O Society Dec 10, 2019 The roots of mindfulness as a spiritual practice go back … Continue reading How Mindfulness Morphed from Ancient Religious Practice into Corporate Tool

Musical Interlude: Transforming Problems Into Happiness II

by O Society November 27, 2019 Here is the first part of our musical meditation: Musical Interlude: How to Love Problems Like Ice Cream This meditation is based in methods such as Lojong (བློ་སྦྱོང་) mind training. Train our minds to transform the great energy of our primal emotions - e.g., fear and anger, guilt and … Continue reading Musical Interlude: Transforming Problems Into Happiness II

Hymn of the Earth: Musical Interlude

by O Society October 25, 2019 https://youtu.be/z80dyTAcFOQ Hymn of the Earth Under the boundless welkin, green hills bathe in the sunlight Breeze ripples. Cloud floats. Sheep jumps. Horse gallops Every creature enjoys the wonder of life. Everywhere is the music of life Warm sunlight pours down like summer rain, deeply sinking into soil This is … Continue reading Hymn of the Earth: Musical Interlude

The Consciousness Illusion

Editor's note: the Red pill Blue pill scenario given in the movie called The Matrix is a false dichotomy. Therefore, it all begins with a lie based on an assumption. Phenomenal consciousness is a fiction written by our brains to help us track the impact that the world makes on us by Keith Frankish edited by O … Continue reading The Consciousness Illusion

Self or No-Self, What is Identity?

by Jack Kornfield  edited by O Society  October 15, 2019 Spiritual practice inevitably brings us face to face with the profound mystery of our own identity. We take birth in a human body. What is this force which gives us life, brings us and the world into form? The world’s great spiritual teachings tell us … Continue reading Self or No-Self, What is Identity?