The New American Homeless

  Housing insecurity in the nation’s richest cities is far worse than government statistics claim. Just ask the Goodmans. by Brian Goldstone edited by O Society September 10, 2019 Last August, Cokethia Goodman returned home from work to discover a typed letter from her landlord in the mailbox. She felt a familiar panic as she … Continue reading The New American Homeless

Private Property: Where Does It Come From?

One of the most interesting things about free market capitalism in general and libertarian thought specifically is it has no way of coherently justifying the initial acquisition of property.   by Matt Bruenig edited by O Society September 7, 2019 How does something that was once unowned become owned without nonconsensually destroying others’ liberty? It is impossible. … Continue reading Private Property: Where Does It Come From?

In the Era of Neurocapitalism, our Brains Need New Rights

Brain-reading tech is coming. The law is not ready to protect us from neurocapitalism. by Sigal Samuel edited by O Society August 31, 2019   “Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull.” That’s from George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, published in 1949. The comment is meant to highlight what a … Continue reading In the Era of Neurocapitalism, our Brains Need New Rights

In Praise of Famous People

by David Johnson edited by O Society August 29, 2019 After the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris nearly burned down in April, the French luxury-goods magnate François-Henri Pinault was celebrated for committing €100 million to reconstruct what he called ‘this jewel of our heritage’ and ushering in a flood of donations from other benefactors and companies. Though an … Continue reading In Praise of Famous People

Greenland and Manifest Destiny

by Timothy Kruse edited by O Society August 28, 2019 On August 18th, when President Trump first confirmed rumors that he was interested in buying Greenland, the American punditry chattered about it in every news outlet as an absurd joke. Trump himself seemed to play along by retweeting a meme showing a shiny gold Trump Casino … Continue reading Greenland and Manifest Destiny