Utopia, Utopia, My Kingdom for a Utopia!

https://youtu.be/MawR-tA61dM One (no, not Richard IIInot Richard III) of our O Society people asks: Because we’re well into our political Tower of Babel era, communication about ideas has probably never been so difficult. I’m not aware of any interest in utopian ideology since at least the early 1970s, or even the notion such a thing could … Continue reading Utopia, Utopia, My Kingdom for a Utopia!

Do we possess our possessions or do they possess us?

Today's false dichotomy is brought to you by our friends down at the taxidermy farm where all the animals are stuffed till they burst. It is do we possess possessions or do they possess us? by Bruce Hood edited by O Society In 1859, around 450 passengers on the Royal Charter, returning from the Australian goldmines … Continue reading Do we possess our possessions or do they possess us?

The Politics of Competitive Consumption

"I guess the trouble was we didn’t have any self-admitted proletarians,” wrote John Steinbeck of his fellow Americans. “Everyone was a temporarily embarrassed capitalist.” Why do Americans want so much more than we need? by Juliet Schor edited by O Society October 6, 2019 In contemporary American culture, consuming is as authentic as it gets. … Continue reading The Politics of Competitive Consumption

Bernie Sanders on his plan for journalism

by Bernie Sanders edited by O Society September 18, 2019 WALTER CRONKITE ONCE SAID “journalism is what we need to make democracy work.” He was absolutely right, which is why today’s assault on journalism by Wall Street, billionaire businessmen, Silicon Valley, and Donald Trump presents a crisis—and why we must take concrete action. Real journalism is … Continue reading Bernie Sanders on his plan for journalism

On the Sinister Majesty of Black Sabbath

by Kory Grow edited by O Society September 13, 2019 When Black Sabbath first attempted to tour America in 1970, they had a Hell of a time. “We had to face the mayor of [every] town,” drummer Bill Ward once recalled. “We were banned all the time. They were afraid of us. They thought we … Continue reading On the Sinister Majesty of Black Sabbath

In Praise of Famous People

by David Johnson edited by O Society August 29, 2019 After the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris nearly burned down in April, the French luxury-goods magnate François-Henri Pinault was celebrated for committing €100 million to reconstruct what he called ‘this jewel of our heritage’ and ushering in a flood of donations from other benefactors and companies. Though an … Continue reading In Praise of Famous People

MisChief with Loki

by O Society August 24, 2019 Kalandra — Helvegen https://youtu.be/o6by9cl24Cw What do the Runes say? Norwegian—————————————————--English translation Hvem skal synge meg—————————————Who shall sing mei daudsvevna slynge meg———————————-into the death-sleep sling menår eg på Helvegen går————————————When I walk on the Path of Deathog dei spora eg trår er kalda, så kalda—————--and the tracks I tread are cold, … Continue reading MisChief with Loki