Liezi 列 Waterfall

Heaven and earth operate without thought or purpose, through processes which are ziran 自然, so of them ­selves. Man follows the same course, through the process of growth and decay, without choosing either to be born or to die. Yet alone among the myriad things he tries to base his actions on thought and knowledge, to … Continue reading Liezi 列 Waterfall

Spirits in the Material World AKA Descartes Fucked it All UP There is no political solution To our troubled evolution Have no faith in constitution There is no bloody revolution Our so-called leaders speak With words they try to jail you They subjugate the meek But it's the rhetoric of failure Where does the answer lie? Living from day to day If it's something we … Continue reading Spirits in the Material World AKA Descartes Fucked it All UP

De 德 Zhuangzi 莊子

edited by O Society September 23, 2019 19 Chi Hsing-tzu was training gamecocks for the king. After ten days the king asked if they were ready. “Not yet. They’re too haughty and rely on their nerve.” Another ten days and the king asked again. “Not yet. They still respond to noises and movements.” Another ten … Continue reading De 德 Zhuangzi 莊子

Dialectics in Psychotherapy

by Steven Reidbord edited by O Society September 17, 2019 The word “dialectic” has a long history, from ancient Greek philosophers, through Hegel and Marx, and to the present day. Its meaning has changed over the centuries, and according to different thinkers. In psychotherapy, “dialectic” is almost wholly associated with dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), where the … Continue reading Dialectics in Psychotherapy

The Practice of San Ti Shi in Xing Yi Quan

孫福全 Sun Lutang by Tom Bisio edited by O Society September 12, 2019 Xing Yi Quan & San Ti Shi Standing in San Ti Shi is one of the most important parts of foundational training (Ji Ben Gong) of Xing Yi Quan. In Xing Yi Quan there are three key elements that must simultaneously cultivated … Continue reading The Practice of San Ti Shi in Xing Yi Quan