The Arrogance of the Anthropocene Humans now live in a new geological epoch of our own making: the Anthropocene. Or so we’re told. by Peter Brannen edited by O Society August 21, 2019 Whereas some epochs in Earth history stretch more than 40 million years, this new chapter started maybe 400 years ago, when carbon dioxide dipped by a few … Continue reading The Arrogance of the Anthropocene

On the Human Primate: Three in the Morning & the Golden Rule

As economic inequality increases in many wealthy nations in recent years, a debate develops around the question of why inequality is bad for national economies and bad for citizens. by Frans de Waal edited by O Society July 25, 2019 How often do we see rich people march in the street shouting that they're earning too … Continue reading On the Human Primate: Three in the Morning & the Golden Rule

The Great Reckoning

Why the Anthropocene is Not Climate Change What’s the cliché? History is written by the victors. Of course, if/when this Anthropocene extinction burst culminates in Mad Max world, humans may lose the ability to read and write all together. Planet of the Apes becomes self-fulfilling prophecy. WINNING! Humans and monkeys are both primates. But humans … Continue reading The Great Reckoning

Project Drawdown

by Drawdown Solutions edited by O Society July 10, 2019 Eighty of the solutions in this book already exist and are scaling to become competitive alternatives to now dominant, high-emitting technologies. They are economically viable, proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or sequester carbon dioxide, and have the potential to spread throughout the world. Our approach … Continue reading Project Drawdown

The Spell of Inner Speech

Blind Jack But driving home “Butch” Weldy and Jack McGuire, Who were roaring full, made me fiddle and fiddle To the song of Susie Skinner, while whipping the horses Till they ran away.          5 Blind as I was, I tried to get out As the carriage fell in the ditch, And was caught in the … Continue reading The Spell of Inner Speech

Complex Potential States

Thinking in terms of complex potential states instead of complex adaptive systems may be helpful in our times by Bonnitta Roy edited by O Society June 27, 2019 Something about the epistemological foundations of complex adaptive systems is bothering me. It is very hard to think of complex systems without framing agency in the context of adaptation … Continue reading Complex Potential States

Apex Predator Makes Great White Sharks Flee in Fear

Even a predator like the great white shark can have a fearsome enemy.DAVE J HOGAN / GETTY by Ed Yong Atlantic edited by O Society May 12, 2019 The great white shark—a fast, powerful, 16-foot-long torpedo that’s armed to the teeth with teeth—has little to fear except fear itself. But also: killer whales.For almost 15 … Continue reading Apex Predator Makes Great White Sharks Flee in Fear