Bordering on Fascism: Reflecting on Dangerous Times

by Paul Street Counterpunch Jan 11, 2019 My fellow U.S.-Americans, we stand at a moment of no small peril. Contrary to much of what one hears from liberals, Donald Trump’s “insane” border-wall gambit may be something of a winning play for him. Yes, the whole stunt is built on a fetid pile of falsehoods. The … Continue reading Bordering on Fascism: Reflecting on Dangerous Times

The Language of Neoliberalism

Mitja Sardoc interviews Henry Giroux Dec 2018 This interview with Henry Giroux was conducted by Mitja Sardoč, of the Educational Research Institute, in the Faculty of the Social Sciences, at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. In this interview, Prof. Henry Giroux engages with some of the most challenging issues associated with the neoliberal educational agenda. In the introductory … Continue reading The Language of Neoliberalism